St. George

Ernesto’s Jr.

Yesterday, Rich and I tried a Mexican restaurant near our house.  It’s name is Ernesto’s Jr.  I guess Ernesto wants to be like Carl.  We weren’t really sure what to expect. 

Usually, you can tell how good a Mexican restaurant is going to be by the salsa they bring to the table when you arrive.  This works about 95% of the time.  Once in a while, this is NOT the case, as in the case of Ernesto’s Jr.


The salsa was a bit too pureed, and it had a strange non-Mexican flavor in it that we determined to be celery.  It just wasn’t right.  This made us concerned about the rest of the meal, but our fears were assuaged when the Ernesto’s Queso Dip arrived. I am pretty sure there was heroin in it or something, because I couldn’t stop eating it. Even when my entree was served.


For dinner, I ordered one chile relleno, one chicken enchilada, and one cheese enchilada. The chile relleno was good, and both enchiladas were great! Here’s half of it, from when I could tear my snout out of the trough long enough to take a picture.


I’m so glad we tried Ernesto’s Jr, and I’m sure we’ll be going back!

Whoops! (Plants)

Somehow, today I may have made my way across the big street near our house to Star Nursery.  I’m really not clear on how it happened, but I may have been perusing the ‘cactus and succulent’ section of their HUGE selection of plants for house and garden.  Three plants followed me toward the entrance.  As I got into my car, I noticed there was a receipt in my hand, and there were 3 plants on the passenger side floor of my car.  I opened the door for them, and asked them to get out, but they weren’t listening, so I HAD to take them home.

The window box in front of our livingroom window is now the home of Aloe striata, Aloe brevifolia (actually a BUNCH of these), and Echeveria imbricata.  I am glad they followed me home.  I like them, and I justify keeping them with the fact that they were ON SALE.

Look, there they are!  Let’s go have a closer look!

Echeveria imbricata (which happens to be blooming right now)

Aloe brevifolia (with a zillion pups)

Aloe striata (which I’ve actually been wanting for a while, and is one of the more cold-hardy of Aloes – meaning it will be okay with protection down into the mid-20s)

These are all fairly BIG plants…all overflowing 1-gallon pots.  Me gusta San Jorge!

Thanks for reading and commenting!  😀

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