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Tempi’po’op Trail Hike

I’m not sure how to pronounce that either, but I’m pretty sure it’s NOT ‘Tempi-poop’.


Rich and I hiked part of this trail last week.  The trail is seemingly fairly newly built, with a very lax grade.  There were several older people (one with a cane who identified himself as ‘an old fat guy’ when we stopped to chat with them for a few seconds), and they made it to the top with no problems.  Also, there are cacti in them thar hills, and the views are great!

Opuntia_1.1 Santa_Clara_river_1.1

Once at the top, however, to see the actual ‘Tempi’po’op’, you have to climb down some rocks to just below the rim.  There were Tempi’po’ops everywhere, and a few were obviously brand new.  It’s hard to know which ones are really ancient, and which ones are newer, left by obnoxious people who don’t care about history or their surroundings.  Here’s an example of some of the ones I know aren’t brand new, but they also don’t look nearly as old and weathered as the obviously ancient ones.  Either way, it was something new to see.


Once we got back down to the parking lot, we decided to hike up the Santa Clara river a little bit and see what we could find.  Apparently, this area is all part of the Santa Clara River Reserve.

We hiked up the river maybe a quarter of a mile, and saw a horse drinking from the river, so we got closer, and took some photos of her.  She seemed pretty tolerant – until she wasn’t anymore.  There is a reason I don’t like horses, and this particular horse did nothing to help that dislike/fear.  She chased us.  I could literally feel her breathing on my back as we ran.  It was NOT okay.  Luckily, we scrambled up a river bank that she didn’t want to follow us up, but she did stand at the bottom and stare menacingly at us.


We ended up hiking down a dirt road up above the river area.  We found a really strange and almost creepy abandoned…area.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  There were remnants of burned-out buildings (BIG ones), smaller burned structures, burned brush and trees, an UN-burned clothesline pole, and a round area surrounded by some kind of bamboo with a large fire pit in the middle.  There was also a modern fiberglass outhouse, and an old-fashioned hand-operated water pump with a hose attached that went nowhere.

Here’s the circle of bamboo, cement and firepit, the clothesline pole, and two photos of remnants of a burned BIG building.  We figured the latter remnants could have been either a wall or roof.  There were burned-out windows and vents all over.  What was interesting about it was the pieces of said wall/roof.  They were large pieces of curved concrete.

Fire_pit_1.1 Clothesline_1.1 Weird_burned_bldg_2.1 Weird_burned_bldg_1.1

After we checked this area out for a while, we headed back to the parking lot by the HIGH (above the horse) road.  On the way back, we saw that mean horse and its accomplice at the river again, looking innocent.  We know different.

a-hole_horse_2.1 Tempipoop_3.1_parking_lot

Ahhhh.  Safety.  Just because of that stupid horse, this is NOT an area I think I want to explore further.

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So Much News!

There really is SO much news.

We’ve moved again.  We moved on January first, 2013.  I am pretty sure I don’t want to do this again for a LONG time.  We’ve moved our entire household twice in five months.  It’s been hectic, but things have calmed down for us now.  Rich made the observation that it’s amazing how fast this new house feels like home, when the place where we were before this never did.

Our friends Janet and Joel came down from Cedar City to help us move, and we are more than grateful for their friendship, and for their help.

We are now living in Santa Clara, Utah, which is a suburb of St. George.  It’s quiet here.  There are stars at night, and cows mooing in the field across the street.  The yard is filled with SO many birds, and there’s room for a garden.  The people who own the house are very nice.  So far, it’s been great!  The kitchen includes a HUGE fridge, and a gas stove.  SO exciting!  Here’s the kitchen, the back yard, and some of my plants enjoying their new porch.

2012-12-31_2400_Vineyard_Dr_Santa_Clara_1 2013-1-21_back_yard_2400_1.1 collection_1-3-13_3.1_new_home

There are different hiking and biking trails nearby, covered in lots of different types of cacti.  YAY!


So far in the yard here, I’ve seen an American Kestrel (see below), a Red-Tailed Hawk, many European Starlings, Eurasian Collared-Doves, Juncos, a Verdin, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, one Red-Breasted Nuthatch (see below), and lots of Sparrows and Finches.

American_Kestrel_1.1 Nuthatch_red-breasted_1-13-13_1.2

I like it where we are now.  There’s a bus stop nearby for Chris to catch the bus to school in the mornings, and we aren’t that much further away from everything than we were before.

On another note, Cactus Kate ‘Blog is now five years old.  January twentieth was the ‘blogiversary’, but I didn’t post.  Whoops.  I am still enjoying posting to my ‘blog, but have been having a hard time adjusting to the new life here in Southern Utah.  Don’t get me wrong – I love it here.  I’m happy to be away from Moab (where the winter temperatures have been ridiculous this year).  I’ve been busy organizing all our stuff in our new home, and working.

I hope to be posting more often soon!  Thanks for stopping by, and commenting!

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