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We Planted A Garden!

We’re embracing the nicer early spring weather here in far-southwestern Utah.  Rich expressed an interest in having a garden this spring, so since we actually have enough room for one, we went to the nursery and bought a bunch of plants.  What we got:

Yellow sweet corn (6 plants)

Tomato ‘Champion’ (2 plants

Tomato ‘Beefsteak’ (1 plant)

Tomato ‘Beefmaster’ (2 plants)

Tomato, cherry (2 plants)

Jalapeño chiles (6 plants)

Snow peas (6 plants)

Chives (1 plant)

‘Sweet mint’ (1 plant, spearmint of some kind)

Bush cucumbers (9 plants)

Okra ‘Cajun delight’ (1 plant, which I planted in a big pot, and already looks dead)

Serrano chiles (a billion seeds)

Habañero chiles (a billion seeds)

Cilantro (a billion seeds)

Yellow onions (a billion seeds)

Sweet basil (a billion seeds).

Garden_3-4-13_1.1_plants Garden_3-4-13_2.1_seeds

Last summer, there was a huge flood in this area, and the house we’re currently living in was directly in the path of the flood.  The garden area was buried in sand and silt.  Our landlord came over and mulched, amended, and roto-tilled the garden for us.  Rich hoed us some rows, and we planted our plants and seeds.  Those are Snow Peas along that fence in the last photo.  I am hoping they will climb the fence like they’re supposed to, rather than being difficult and wanting chicken wire or something.

Garden_3-5-13_1.1_before_planting Garden_3-12-13_1.1_freshly_planted

Garden_3-12-13_5.1_bush_cucumbers_and_corn Garden_3-12-13_3.1_bush_cucumbers

Garden_3-12-13_4.1_chives_and_mint Garden_3-12-13_2.1_peas_along_fence

It’s been beautiful in the afternoons – in the 80s the last few days, and down in the upper 40s at night.  I’m hoping for great things from this garden!

Beck Hill Trail

I went for a hike yesterday.  The weather has been beautiful, and I feel like actually being outside again.  Yesterday, with temperatures in the 70s and a day off, it was the perfect day.

I hiked the Beck Hill loop, partly to just get out there, and partly to check out the native cactuses, to see if they are thinking about blooming any time soon.  They are not, as far as I could see.  However, I did harvest a few Mammillaria tetrancistra seeds, to see if I can make them grow.  I was a little disappointed to not find any buds on anything, but I guess it is still a little early.  Here are the plants I DID find:  A Cylindropuntia, an Opuntia, an Echinocereus, and the Mammillaria tetrancistra seeds.

Opuntia_1.1 Opuntia_2.1 Echinocereus_1.1

Echinocereus_1.2 Seedz_1.1

I love this area.  There are red rocks like Moab, but there is actual variety.  I like this photo, with its contrasting very black lava rocks on top of the red sandstone.  This is from the trail I hiked today, too.


For you geeks out there, here are my hike stats, via Strava:


Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting!  🙂

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