Dogz ‘n’ Thingz

It’s been a long time since I posted.  In fact, June 2012 was the second month in Cactus Kate ‘blog history that I just didn’t post.  This lack of posting was due more to overwhelming amounts of events, rather than lack thereof.  Okay, that’s out of the way.  Moving on.

Today, I went to Dogz ‘n’ Thingz.  That’s the other new food truck in Moab this season.  I hadn’t been there yet, so I figured I’d better try it.  The lady inside was nice, and the menu is small (which means less trouble for me to choose something).

I ended up trying the ‘Hawaiian Heat’, because it sounded the most interesting.  I got Rich the ‘Dog Slide’.  It took a while to put them together.  Apparently, the ‘dogz’ get deep-fried.  When she handed them to me, I was surprised at how big they were.  They are all-beef dogz, too.  Here’s what they looked like on the roof of my car while I unlocked the door:

…and here they are at home, waiting to be eaten.

The ‘Hawaiian Heat’ was delicious.  I had asked her to add nacho cheese to it, and that was great on there.  The ‘Dog Slide’ was just okay.  Everything was good except the chili, which was very bland, and didn’t really taste like chili – just like beans, meat, onions and tomatoes.

I would definitely go back, and I think I want to try the ‘Philly Dog’ next time.  I recommend Dogz ‘n’ Thingz.  Just don’t get the chili.

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Quesadilla Mobilla

This is my first food establishment review.

Moab has two new food trucks this season – one that sells quesadillas (grilled tortillas with cheese and other ingredients in between), and one with hot dogs.  This review is about the former.

Quesadilla Mobilla.

It’s parked outside the Canyonlands Trading Post on Main Street.

Ahhhhh…the menu.

I chose the Fiery Fungus.  Here’s what I got – The package, the quesadilla, homemade chipotle-lime sour cream, and fresh-roasted green chile salsa.

The quesadilla was amazing.  There were lots of beef, mushrooms, and fresh jalapeños inside.  The sour cream was great, and the green salsa was SUPERB!

I am utterly impressed by the Quesadilla Mobilla.  I need another one.  Right away.  Next for review:  Dogz & Thingz.  Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising, and I am a big fan of food trucks!

Thanks for commenting, and happy Sunday, y’all!


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