What, More Socks?! …And Some Food.

Being here in St. George and not having a job yet has been a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because there is actually time for things I never have time for – like reading, knitting, exploring, etc – and a curse because well, there’s no money coming into my savings.  Only going out.

In the last two days, I have finished a half-finished sock, and started and finished its mate.  I am really happy with the way the variegation in this yarn turned out.  This was my first time knitting with DK-weight yarn.  DK-weight is also known as ‘light worsted weight’.  Lately, I’ve noticed that they’ve changed the weight measurement on yarn from the familiar ‘sock/fingering, baby, sport, worsted, and chunky’ to the new (potentially easier but foreign) ‘super fine, fine, light, medium, bulky, and super bulky’.  Click here for descriptions.  I really wish they’d establish a standard measurement system that they intend to stick with.

So the DK yarn is slightly thinner than the standard worsted-weight yarn, and knit up beautifully.  One ball was exactly perfect for one pair of socks for me.  I think if I were knitting bigger man-sized socks, I’d need more than one ball.  Here’s the ball I used.  The brand is ‘Yarn Bee’, and it’s 56% wool, 22% polyester, and 22% PTT.  I had to look up what PTT is, and it’s ‘polytrimethylene terephthalate’.  Some sort of spun thermoplastic.  It sounds a little scary, but the yarn feels very soft and nice.

The color is ‘Creamsickle’, spelled incorrectly, like ‘sickle-cell anemia’.

Here are the finished socks, with a close-up of the fabric, and a picture of exactly what came from that ball of yarn.  There was very little left over.

The socks are knit using 4 double-pointed size 4 needles.  I think, upon reflection, next time I knit with this yarn, I will use size 3 needles.  I think a slightly tighter fabric would be even nicer.  Here are the needles, and a picture of all the things used to make these socks.  I left the yarn needles and the scissors out of the photo, because I figure they are obvious.  Also, there’s a picture of the sock in action, on an actual foot.

I am glad to be finished with these, as they have been on my needles since about November, 2010.  See HERE.

Rich and I also tried a new Mexican food place here in St. George.  It’s called Irmita’s.  It’s a little place, with a palapa-style roof, and a big patio with misters around the edges. Notice in the first photo that there’s a stack of sombreros.  They are for people to wear while they are dining there.  I love that.

I got three tacos – carnitas, chile verde, and machaca.  Rich got the carne asada burrito combination.  The carnitas and chile verde were GREAT.  The machaca (which is supposed to be dried shredded beef – and wasn’t) was suspiciously like the carne asada – tasteless and not grilled.  Also, Rich’s burrito came just as you see it in the (bad) picture…not rolled, and too full to actually roll it.  It wasn’t that great.  Bummer.  I would definitely go back for the carnitas and chile verde, though.

Thanks for reading, and for commenting!

Ernesto’s Jr.

Yesterday, Rich and I tried a Mexican restaurant near our house.  It’s name is Ernesto’s Jr.  I guess Ernesto wants to be like Carl.  We weren’t really sure what to expect. 

Usually, you can tell how good a Mexican restaurant is going to be by the salsa they bring to the table when you arrive.  This works about 95% of the time.  Once in a while, this is NOT the case, as in the case of Ernesto’s Jr.


The salsa was a bit too pureed, and it had a strange non-Mexican flavor in it that we determined to be celery.  It just wasn’t right.  This made us concerned about the rest of the meal, but our fears were assuaged when the Ernesto’s Queso Dip arrived. I am pretty sure there was heroin in it or something, because I couldn’t stop eating it. Even when my entree was served.


For dinner, I ordered one chile relleno, one chicken enchilada, and one cheese enchilada. The chile relleno was good, and both enchiladas were great! Here’s half of it, from when I could tear my snout out of the trough long enough to take a picture.


I’m so glad we tried Ernesto’s Jr, and I’m sure we’ll be going back!

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