Fay Elberta Peach Tree

On May second of this year, I went to the annual plant sale at The Youth Garden Project here in Moab.  I went there specifically to buy a peach tree for our yard.  I had done my research, and decided I wanted one of the Fay Elberta trees.  I wandered around the plant sale, picked out the exact tree I wanted, and hauled it up to the table to pay for it.  Some Youth Garden employee told me I’d have to go put it back where it was, but I still had to pay for it that day.  She told me it needed to ‘root out’, and that would happen within about 3 weeks.  So, I paid for it ($50), and left.  Keep in mind that was May 2nd.

On June 10th (more than 5 weeks later), I called the YGP, and asked if the trees were ready to be planted yet.  I wanted to get it into the ground and rooting before the REAL heat of the summer hit.  I was told they weren’t ready yet, and they would call me when I could pick it up.  So, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Finally, on July 20th (2 and a half months later), I got a call from the YGP saying I could pick up my tree.  I immediately went there, and got my tree.  Rich dug a hole for it the next day, and into the ground it went.  Such a cute little tree!  The next four pictures are from the day we planted it.  The fence is to keep the deer from munching on it too much.



Fay_Elberta_Peach_tree_1_7-21-15_4.1With Rich, for scale:


Here is my adorable tree 3 weeks later, looking happy (August 12th):


End of the season peach tree, leaves getting colorful (November 24th):


The little peach tree is done for the year now, and is fast asleep.  This picture is from December 1st.  I’m hoping for great things from this little tree next year!


Thanks for checking out my new tree!

Gasteria excelsa (I think)

Hi, folks.

This Gasteria is a trooper.  It has a long story, like a lot of my plants.

I got it as an accidental cutting in June of 2006.  I was visiting a friend in San Diego (yes, Jeff – that’s you), and I clumsily bumped his plant with my shin hard enough to knock a leaf off, which he agreeably gave me.  I brought it home and potted it, and miraculously, it rooted.  That leaf grew several pups, the biggest of which became this plant.  Here’s the leaf, and its pups:



This is its first photo in its own pot:


It grew really well, until I left it outside on a freezing cold night the winter we lived in St George (2013).  It froze all the way down to its core, and I had to do some creative trimming (yeah, a hack job, for sure).  Here’s the frozen plant, and the resulting severe haircut:



It came back beautifully (and surprisingly) from that trauma, and as I was preparing to bring it inside for the winter 2 days ago, I noticed that it has its first bud ever!  I’m pretty excited, and it will be spending its afternoons outside in the sun until it blooms.  It’s too cold to leave it out now, so in at night.




Thanks for stopping by to appreciate this lovely Gasteria!  🙂

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