Bears – But Not in the Woods

Hi, loyal readers.  It’s been a while again, hasn’t it?  I really have no valid excuses.  I’d like to post more often…I just haven’t.

For the last week (maybe more), there has been a bear cruising around our neighborhood.  Over night last night, he knocked over our trash can for the SECOND time, and made a mess.


It must be a good-sized bear, because it left us some ‘gifts’, and these ‘gifts’ are BIG.  The ‘gift’ in the pictures is about 12 inches long, and about 8 inches wide.

CAUTION:  Those are, indeed, photos of bear poo below.

2014-8-28_bear_poop_27_LaSal_Road_1.1 2014-8-28_bear_poop_27_LaSal_Road_2.1

I’d love to see the bear, he just happens to be out and about while I am asleep.  I’d love to get some photos of HIM, not just his droppings.



In other news – Rich and I finally went for our pseudo-honeymoon.  We drove to Southern California and stayed there for a few days.  We then drove north along the coast to Portland, OR, stopping here and there.  We met up with family, and spent several days in Rockaway Beach, OR.  we drove back to SoCal, and spent more time there, and then came home.  It was a little over two weeks of travel, family, and friends.  It was a great trip.

I did take tons and tons of photos, which I haven’t sorted through yet.  Here are a couple, both taken by Rich.  The first is me, walking along the beach at San Simeon, CA, and the second is the two of us at the Smith River, right on the California/Oregon border.

Cali-Oregon-Trip 048.1

Cali-Oregon-Trip 118.1

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Egyptian Walking Onions

…from the garden to the table.

This spring, Rich was raking leaves in the side yard, and un-leafed some tiny, tube-like plants.  “Hey, Katie”, he said.  “Are these onions?”  I was impressed with his onion recognition skills, and told him they were.  Our tenants last year must’ve planted them.  I didn’t want them in the side lawn, so I dug them all up and moved them into my flower bed in the back yard.   I had no idea what type of onions they were.

As they grew, I figured out that they were Egyptian Walking Onions, and that made me happy.  Seems that these onions are pretty much indestructible, and perennial.

It’s amazing how quickly these onions grew.  Here they are on May 7th:


And here is the same patch of garden on May 30th:


They get these ‘snake-in-a-bag’ looking things on top, which bursts open, and this is where the ‘top-sets’ are.


Rich and Chris went out of town last week, and I decided to harvest some walking onions and cook them up.  I made steaks braised in red wine, dijon, and tarragon reduction, and I cooked the onions in some bacon fat on the side with some yellow onions, then put them on top of the steak, and melted some Provolone cheese over it all.  It was delicious.  I do have to say, though…these walking onions turned out kind of tough and stringy.  I wonder if I harvested them too late, or cooked them wrong…?

Egyptian_walking_onions_6-5-14_1.1 Egyptian_walking_onions_6-5-14_2.1

Egyptian_walking_onions_6-5-14_3.1 Egyptian_walking_onions_6-5-14_4.1

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– K

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