A Rock Wren, and Other Stuff

His name makes you think he should be dressed in black leather and chains, and be holding a tiny guitar, but he’s not. What he IS is a cute tiny little wren who lives in the rocks. He’s only about 5 1/2 inches long, tip of beak to tip of tail. This particular rock wren lives in my parents’ back yard. I think he has a nest there. He’s got a beautiful song, and you can always tell when he’s around by his singing. He’s there frequently, and he’s one of the most cooperative photographic subjects I have ever found in a bird. I am sure glad he’s around.


Rock_Wren_10-26-09_1.1 Rock_Wren_10-26-09_5.1 Rock_Wren_10-26-09_7.1 Rock_Wren_10-26-09_9.1

I figured out what the little bird I saw in my outdoor fireplace a week ago was. He was a brown creeper. He has a very unique song, and I heard him one day while I was in the greenhouse. I recognized his song as something new, and ran inside to get my camera. I proceeded to chase him around the trees in my backyard and my next-door neighbor’s yard. He does NOT hold still, and was beyond difficult to photograph. Here is the best I could do:


I have been very busy at work. The tourist season is almost over here in Moab, and I am not sure whether to rejoice or break down and weep. It means a break, a relaxing winter, but it also means an end to about half of our income. Good thing we’ve both been working extra…maybe we actually CAN relax this year.

I kicked off my artsy-craftsy season with that pair of socks I wrote about recently. I finished them, and gave them to my mom, as planned. They fit her very well. I did manage to take a picture or two of them before I passed them along. I loved the colors of the yarn while it was balled up on the skein, but once it became socks, I don’t like how the variegation worked out. Good thing my mom liked them…

socks_Mexicana_10-16-09_3.1 socks_Mexicana_10-16-09_2.1

It is definitely autumn here. The leaves are all turning pretty colors, and the air is chilly and filled with the aroma of wood smoke, which I love, but my allergies do NOT. I can deal with it. I love the smell. I will leave you with a look skyward through our HUGE sycamore tree in the front yard:


Socks? What, AGAIN?!

I know I said last winter (HERE) that I was going to knit something other than socks next, yet here are my needles, and it seems the beginnings of another pair of socks has materialized on them.

Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_1 Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_2

The yarn color (crappy Red Heart acrylic, by the way) is called ‘Mexicana’. I am not sure what makes this any more Mexican than the next color, but that’s its name. Here is what the skein looks like:

Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_3 Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_4

I am not sure what it is about the chillier weather and shorter days, but I always feel that I want to cook, and to knit and/or sew at this time of year. Must be the nesting instinct. Or something.

Happy Autumn!

P.S.  Yea!  LightBox Plus is fixed!  My photos are doing what they are supposed to!

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