A Mini-Vacation!

Janet and I went to St. George, Utah for a little get-away this week.  The weather was hot and lovely.  We had fun, ate a lot, and got sunburned.  AHHHHH.

*Disclaimer:  Most of the photos are not all that great this time, as I used my phone to take them. *

There was some pool time.  The first day, it was incredibly windy, but the second day was calm and beautiful.  That’s Janet, triumphant after inflating her air mattress, and 2 pics of the pool at the Crystal Inn.

We ate at The Olive Garden, In ‘n’ Out, and others in St. George, and at Lupita’s Mexican restaurant in Cedar City.  Here’s Janet at the Olive Garden, me at In ‘n’ Out (and a burger), and various stuff from Lupita’s – Tacos (asada on the right, carnitas on the left), ‘Mexican Flag Enchiladas’, and some festive American Independence Day decorations.

Thursday night (June 30) we went to see Grease (the musical) at Tuacahn Amphitheater.  Janet had received some free tickets from work.  It was GREAT.  I loved seeing it live.  I highly recommend it.  They didn’t let us take photos during the show, but I snapped a couple of the entrance to Tuacahn, and one of the stage just before it started.

It was really nice to hang out with Janet for a few days, and just relax and chat.  I miss having friends where I live.

To get to and from this little get-away, I rode the Greyhound, which was a fiasco we won’t discuss…except to say I think this may have been my last Greyhound trip ever.  EVER.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Sabaku Sushi – FINALLY!

I am incredibly happy to announce that one of my favorite things in the world has finally come to Moab.  Sushi!

Sabaku Sushi opened at the beginning of November, 2010, and this is the first time I got to try it.  There has been something or other in the way every other time I wanted to go.  I am so glad that Mary joined me, and that we tried it, because it was GREAT sushi!

Here are the things we tried (not including Mary’s seaweed salad, which was also delicious).  Red Rock ‘n’ Roll (California roll topped with spicy tuna and tobiko), Colorado Roll (Spicy albacore, cilantro, mango and Thai chilies), La Sal Roll (Steamed asparagus, cucumber and avocado, topped with salmon and lime), Spicy Tuna Roll (as they usually are, and with some tasty radish sprouts), and Spicy Hamachi Roll (as they usually are, and with the radish sprouts).  I can’t even choose which I liked best – they were all excellent!

Red Rock ‘n’ Roll (top) and Spicy Tuna Roll, with close-ups of the flying fish roe (tobiko) because it’s pretty:

Mary, La Sal Roll (top) and Colorado Roll, and Spicy Hamachi Roll:

Here’s the menu, and THANK YOU, SABAKU SUSHI for a great taste treat!  I will definitely recommend you to ALL my friends in Moab!

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