Moab’s First Annual Adult Spelling Bee

November 10 was the first annual Moab Adult Spelling Bee.  It was put on by the Grand County Education Foundation (benefiting Grand County Schools).  The cost to enter was $150 for a 3-person team.  I am sure it was so pricey because the money was going to help the local public schools.

Paradox Pizza owner Susan sponsored a team, made up of me and my coworkers Liz and Steph.  We were one of 19 teams.  We had no idea what to expect, as none of us had been in a spelling bee since our own school days.  They gave us an extensive list of words to study, which we did.  By the night of the spelling bee, we knew all the words on the list inside out and backwards.  We were very secure in our spelling prowess.  That’s Liz, me and Steph below.

The format of the spelling bee was utterly foreign to us.  We were to sit on the stage with three other teams, each with a chalkboard on which to write our word.  The four teams would be given ONE word, and anyone spelling it correctly stayed in, and incorrect spellers would be eliminated.  Of all the words given over the course of the entire evening, only ONE was actually on the list we were given.  Team Paradox got eliminated on the first round, with the word ‘perquisite’, which none of us had heard before, and the definition the pronouncer gave was not understandable.  GRRRR.  The actual spelling portion of the evening was over in less than an hour, thanks to words like ‘eurytherm’, ‘nyctalopia’, ‘eupepsia’, and others.

To say that the three of us were disappointed is a bit of an understatement.  In any case, we now know what to expect if there IS a Second Annual Moab Adult Spelling Bee.

Here are some photos of some of our competition (many are left out, as good photos were hard to come by):

Backcountry Trail Rides, Buck’s Grillhouse and ‘I’ll Take 4 Letter Words For $100, Alex’:

KZMU, Sloan Law Firm Beehives and The Spelling Elvises:

Team School Board, The Vicious Vampires, and Zions Bank Spellbounders:

…and last but certainly not least, here are the winners.  Canyonlands Community Recycling:

Here’s a photo of the pronouncer, who didn’t enunciate well, and pronounced ‘malfeasance’ as ‘mal FEE ance’.  Double GRRRRR.

At the end of the spelling bee, all the teams had to return to stage to have our costumes judged.  Here we are, prancing about.

So, we didn’t win.  I guess that’s all okay, as the prizes for the winners were turkeys.  Not even Butterball turkeys…I think they were Norbest.  Next year, we’ll triumph.

I really don’t want any of this to sound like we didn’t have fun – we had a GREAT time.  Learning new words, laughing with friends, etc.  It was a great experience, and I thank Susan for sponsoring us, and Liz and Steph for being good sports, too.  Also, thanks Rich and Mom for coming to the spelling bee to support us and laugh at / with us!

California 2011

I just spent a little over a week in southern California, visiting friends and family, and relaxing.  Ahhhhh.

My first stop was to drop Chris off at his aunt & uncle’s house, then I headed over to my friend Robyn’s house.  I spent 4 days there – eating, drinking, and having fun.  Robyn and her mom hosted ‘game day’ the day after I arrived, and my friend Barb and her mom, and 2 other ladies were there.  It was lots of fun!  Here are some photos from my time at Robyn’s house, in the high desert.

Robyn’s yard is full of bunnies, quail, and plants (Caesalpinia gilliesii) that I like:

Here’s game day, a Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) sunset, and a picture of Pixel, Robyn’s lovey little dog:

Robyn’s kitty Mushroom, and Cricket (her mom’s cat):

After my very enjoyable 4 days in the high desert (Thanks, Robyn and Linda!), I moved down to the LA basin, to Rich’s brother’s house to spend some time with family.

I did go out to Santa Clarita once to visit Barb, and I actually wish that I could have spent more time with her.  We went to get her daughter new glasses (and tried some on ourselves), then went out for sushi.  Here I am with some try-on glasses on, Barb with same, and some sushi (a sushi burrito – it was GOOD – and a red dragon roll).

I took lots of photos of stuff while staying with family, mostly bad photos of birds, and good photos of plants and bugs.  Here’s a lovely one of some Japanese beetle ummm….reproductive activity, along with one of a new plant I bought for my mom, and the resident doggies – Paris, Mercedes, and Jayda:

Chris also had his 18th birthday while we were there:

Chris and I drove to Pasadena one afternoon, and did some visiting.  We visited Rich’s friends James, Chris W. and Jeff.  It was nice to see everyone, and Chris and I stopped at Monrovia Pizza Company, and had an amazing pizza.  His half was sausage and pepperoni, and my half was chorizo, ham and jalapeños.  MMMMM!  Below Monrovia Pizza Company, one of my pizza slices, and Chris with the pizza:

Here’s Chris with James, and a picture of Jeff & Chris’s new little corner succulent garden:

Last but not least, here are the awesome ring I bought at a gas station, and the 6 carne asada burritos I brought home to Rich.

Thanks everyone in SoCal for everything, and I hope to see you all again soon!  🙂  Thanks, also to all my faithful readers for visiting and reading and commenting!

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