Roasted Jalapeños, and Other News

Hi, folks.  I realize there has been a ‘dead air’ sense about my ‘blog lately, and I am sorry.  Life has been slightly overwhelming recently.  There is news.  Yes, lots of news.

1)  Rich and I are having a wedding in the fall.  Together for fifteen years, married for years, but we wanted to have a ceremony, and a celebration.  Yay!  Our registry is here, if anyone is interested.  REGISTRY.   I’d love to have any comments or ideas on what to add – this hasn’t been easy.

2)  We are moving back to Moab in a few weeks.  This isn’t necessarily what I dream about, but it will be a far better situation for us financially, if nothing else.  I am sad about it, because my plants have been loving it here in south western Utah, and they will have to go back to being tortured for the winters.  I am glad that we’ll be close to my parents again, and our Moab friends.

Okay, all that’s out.  *whew*  Back to the jalapeños.

Today, I am roasting jalapeños from our garden.  I have been told (by people I trust) that roasted jalapeños freeze nicely, and our garden has been giving us so many of them, I can’t keep up with using them.


I washed them, and put them on parchment, and preheated the toaster oven to ‘broil’.  I put them in for fifteen minutes, and got exactly the results I wanted.  Here, you can see my dirty toaster oven.  Incidentally, does anyone know how to get that baked-on goo on the inside of the glass off?  I feel like I’ve tried everything.

2013-7-9_jalapenos_1.1 2013-7-9_jalapenos_4.1

I roasted two pans full, left the skins on, and let them cool fully.  Then I put them into a big Ziploc bag, and into the freezer they went.  Hopefully they do okay in there, and will give us lots of salsa.

2013-7-9_jalapenos_2.1 2013-7-9_jalapenos_3.1 2013-7-9_jalapenos_5.1

Thanks for stopping by, and not writing me off for over a month of bloggy silence.


Philadelphia Day Two – Longwood Gardens

I am sorry.  I have failed all of you.  I really did mean to post every day while we were in Philadelphia, but I have now been home for a week, and I am sure you can all see how well that worked out.  So, you’re going to have to deal with late posts about my time in Philadelphia.  Yay!

Wednesday, April 18.  The day after I arrived, we got into uncle Rich’s car, and drove to Longwood Gardens, which is located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  Longwood is a HUGE botanical garden.  I remember my parents and grandparents taking me there when I was really little.  It’s a beautiful place, and I can’t help but think it would have been even more beautiful if we had been there a month later…it was still pretty chilly.  Everything is green in Pennsylvania, though, and that makes it utterly different than the landscapes and foliage that I am used to.  Here are a few general photos of the gardens, outside.  It started out as sort of a dismal day, so the light in most of  the outdoor pictures isn’t that great.  Note the green-ness…most people who live where I live will be fascinated.

Longwood_4.1 Longwood_3.1 Longwood_2.1

Longwood_1.1 Longwood_20.1

After we three (Mom, Uncle Rich and I) wandered around the grounds, we stopped at the Garden Cafe for lunch, which was delicious.  I enjoyed a ‘Walt Wit’ with my lunch…and loved the label so much I brought it home.  It’s made by Philadelphia Brewing Company, and reminded me SO much of Moab Brewery‘s Rocket Bike Wit, it was uncanny (which now that I visit the website, has had its name changed to ‘Golden Sprocket Wit’).  I have to say…I love the names of Philadelphia Brewing Co’s beers!  Here’s a photo of my Mom and Uncle Rich outside the Cafe, too.

Longwood_6.1 DSC03571

I think that I was definitely more interested in being inside their amazing and HUGE conservatory (glass house) than anything else.  The things that grow in there are beyond belief.

Longwood_7.1 Longwood_8.1 Longwood_9.1

Longwood_11.1 Longwood_12.1 Longwood_15.1

These are called ‘Canterbury Bells’, and were the truest of blue in color, but my camera didn’t want to capture it quite right.  They are big flowers, and there were so many.  There were pink ones, too, but these were more impressive.

Longwood_13.1 Longwood_14.1

Longwood has an amazing collection of orchids, and they even have a ‘Desert Room’ in the conservatory!  It’s not big, or anything like the gardens in Phoenix, Tucson, or SoCal, but I was impressed to see cacti and succulents in Pennsylvania.

Longwood_18.1 Longwood_16.1 Longwood_17.1

This is a photo of my Mom talking to a docent in the Pierre DuPont house, where there are a number of other plants.  Inside part of the conservatory, there is a collection of really beautiful and well-taken-care-of bonsai trees.  They are ART.

Longwood_5.1 Longwood_19.1

Last but not least, I like that Longwood Gardens is keeping up with the times, and knows that almost everyone out there is walking around with a cell phone or smart phone.

Chinese_scholar_tree_1.1 Chinese_scholar_tree_2.1 Longwood_10.1

Thanks for stopping and checking out my pictures!


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