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Arizona, Day Three (BTA)

Well, I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles for the post about our last day in Arizona.  Wait no further!  Here it is.

For our third day, we went to the Boyce-Thompson Arboretum near Superior, AZ.  It’s a little less than an hour’s drive from Phoenix, and utterly worth the time.  BTA is a really well put-together botanical garden, arboretum, and birding area.  I love it!  If I lived closer, I’d be there all the time.  Here are some photos from BTA, in no particular order.

BTA_scene_1.1 Sonja_tourist_1.1 Katie_BTA_1.1

Here are a few photos from inside the glass house.  The second photo shows a beautiful Aloe striata v. karasbergensis.  The third photo shows the hole someone poked into one of its leaves with their thumb.  People are buttholes.

Gymnocalycium_horstii_1.1 Aloe_karasbergensis_1.1 Aloe_karasbergensis_2.1

The rest of the photos for this post are birds.  Below are a Phainopepla, a Verdin on an Agave, and Mrs. Anna’s Hummingbird.

Phainopepla_1.1 Verdin_on_Agave_1.1 Hummingbird_Annas_female_1.1

…and Mr. Broad-Billed Hummingbird (with pollen on his head), Mr. Costa’s Hummingbird, and Mr. Anna’s Hummingbird dining with Mr. Broad-Billed Hummingbird.

Hummingbird_Broad-billed_2.1 Hummingbird_Costas_1.1 Hummingbird_Annas_and_Broad-billed_1.1

Last but certainly not least, here’s Mr. Broad-Billed Hummingbird dining alone.  This is possibly the best photo of the day, maybe even the whole trip.


Thanks for keeping up with and commenting on our annual Arizona trip!

Arizona, Day Two (DBG)

Desert Botanical Garden  is usually the main focus of our time in Phoenix, and this year wasn’t an exception.  There is another Chihuly glass exhibit there, and I was super excited to see it.  When we arrived at the garden parking lot, there were quite a few people there already, and many people driving around looking for parking (as you do).  We got lucky, and got a spot very close to the entrance when someone left.  A lady stopped her car and demanded to know if we knew if there was an event that day.  We told her we didn’t know, we aren’t locals.  When we arrived at the entrance, we found out quickly that it was their once-a-month ‘Free Day’.  Great.  We saved $44, but the place was overrun with humanity.  It wasn’t, however, so bad as to be intolerable.

I love DBG, and I loved all the new Chihuly installations.  It was a great day!  Here are lots of photos, in no particular order.

I’ve always loved the garden’s plantings, and how they are arranged.  Here are a few photos of this.  There is a tourist in a couple.  My mom makes a good tourist, and a good size reference for scale.

DBG_1.1 Sonja_tourist_DBG_2.1 Sonja_tourist_DBG_1.1

I also love that lots of birds flock to the garden.  Here’s a Curve-Billed Thrasher, a Northern Mockingbird, a European Starling, and a pair of Cactus Wrens, all on lovely desert plants.

Curve-billed_thrasher_1.1 Mockingbird_1.1 Starling_DBG_1.1 Cactus_Wrens_1.1

I think the rest of the photos for this post all contain Chihuly glass.  Yay!  Below are ‘Sapphire Star’ (which is the focal point at the Garden Entrance gate), two photos of ‘Citron and Yellow Fiori’, and ‘Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower’.

Sapphire_Star_1.1 Citron_and_Yellow_Fiori_1.1 DBG_2.1 Scarlet_and_yellow_icicle_tower_1.1

‘Black Niijima Floats and Neodymium Reeds’, ‘Blue Fiori Sun’, ‘White Belugas’, and ‘Sonoran Boat’.

Blk_Nijiima_Floats_and_Neodymium_Reeds_1.1 Blue_Fiori_Sun_1.1 White_belugas_1.1 Sonoran_Boat_1.1

‘Black and White Reeds and Fiori’, ‘Yellow Reeds’, ‘Yellow Herons’, and ‘Red Reeds’.

Black_and_white_reeds_and_Fiori_1.1 Yellow_reeds_1.1 Yellow_Herons_1.1 Red_Reeds_1.1

Two photos of ‘White Tower’, and two photos of ‘Jade and Crimson Thorns’.

White_tower_etc_1.1 White_tower_1.1 Jade_and_Crimson_thorns_1.1 Jade_and_Crimson_thorns_2.1

‘Erbium Pink Fiori and Neodymium Reeds’, ‘Neodymium Reeds’, and two photos of ‘Red Sun’.

Neodymium_Reeds_and_Erbium_Pink_Fiori_1.1 Neodymium_Reeds_1.1 Red_Sun_1.1 Red_Sun_2.1

This last installation is called ‘Polyvitrio Chandelier’, and I wanted to include a video, so you can see just how immense this cluster of hanging glass balls is!



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