Herbs, ants, and flowers

I planted herbs in pots in my greenhouse about 10 days ago. I am not impressed with the length of time they have taken to germinate, but I CAN tell you that I have lots of dill, and lots of ‘winter thyme’ (I am not sure if the company that packaged the seeds was trying to be clever on that one or not). I am supposed to have tarragon, broad-leaf sage, and oregano too, but they don’t seem to be interested in germinating. Here is that I have so far (as always, all the pictures here are clickable thumbnails):

I have been out in the yard a lot lately, and have been noticing that lots of my flowers are blooming. They seem to be doing better this spring than usual, and I can’t imagine why that would be. Here are some of them, including dandelions and weeds from the front lawn:

dandelions_3-23-08_front_lawn2 weed_NOID_1_3-23-08_2 tulip_purple_prince_3-27-08_4

 tulip_purple_prince_3-27-08_31 tulip_red_back_bed_1_3-30-08_1

Also for your enjoyment, I have some close-ups of Black Pavement Ants, which are really pretty, and interesting up close:

ant_black_pavement_3-27-08_2 ant_black_pavement_3-27-08_3

Last but not least, all the native cacti in the area are starting to put out there buds, which probably won’t actually bloom until April 20th or later. It’s nice to know that the winter wasn’t cold enough to discourage these guys.


Enjoy, all!

Of Birds & Bees

I have been taking lots of photos lately. I guess I am hoping that taking photos of existing flowers and things will make MORE come out.

Here are some little unidentified finches, eating seeds that they dropped from the hanging feeder. Note how they perch without regard for their little feet or for my plants directly on my cacti…

finch_3-16-08_12 finch_3-16-08_14 finch_3-16-08_5

…and here are the bees of which I spoke in the title…pollinating away:

bee_grape_hyacinth_3-21-08_2 bee_grape_hyacinth_3-21-08_4 bee_grape_hyacinth_3-21-08_5

Hopefully, some time soon, my auto e-mailer will start working again, and people will actually be notified when I post to my ‘blog.

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