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Bears – But Not in the Woods

Hi, loyal readers.  It’s been a while again, hasn’t it?  I really have no valid excuses.  I’d like to post more often…I just haven’t.

For the last week (maybe more), there has been a bear cruising around our neighborhood.  Over night last night, he knocked over our trash can for the SECOND time, and made a mess.


It must be a good-sized bear, because it left us some ‘gifts’, and these ‘gifts’ are BIG.  The ‘gift’ in the pictures is about 12 inches long, and about 8 inches wide.

CAUTION:  Those are, indeed, photos of bear poo below.

2014-8-28_bear_poop_27_LaSal_Road_1.1 2014-8-28_bear_poop_27_LaSal_Road_2.1

I’d love to see the bear, he just happens to be out and about while I am asleep.  I’d love to get some photos of HIM, not just his droppings.



In other news – Rich and I finally went for our pseudo-honeymoon.  We drove to Southern California and stayed there for a few days.  We then drove north along the coast to Portland, OR, stopping here and there.  We met up with family, and spent several days in Rockaway Beach, OR.  we drove back to SoCal, and spent more time there, and then came home.  It was a little over two weeks of travel, family, and friends.  It was a great trip.

I did take tons and tons of photos, which I haven’t sorted through yet.  Here are a couple, both taken by Rich.  The first is me, walking along the beach at San Simeon, CA, and the second is the two of us at the Smith River, right on the California/Oregon border.

Cali-Oregon-Trip 048.1

Cali-Oregon-Trip 118.1

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting!

To Phoenix With Mom – Day Two

Day two, we got up at a reasonable hour, had a little breakfast, and were off to Desert Botanical Garden for a lovely bird, desert plant and cactus experience.  DBG is a really large, well-laid-out botanical garden.  It’s a beautiful place.

I was happy to see that the Chihuly stuff at the entrance is still there.  It looks perfect.  Here is a nice cactus-scape, and a picture of two tourists.

It’s pretty hard to take a bad photo here.  However, somehow I managed.  The blur in the third photo is an Anna’s Hummingbird.

We ate lunch at the garden cafe, and while we were eating, there was quite a show on the trashcan.  All kinds of birds were checking out the trash and the trays on top.  First, a Curve-Billed Thrasher and a Gambel’s Quail.  Second, a European Starling and a Curve-Billed Thrasher.  Third, a Cactus Wren.

Also making an appearance was a curious Greater Roadrunner.  He didn’t stay long, but I did get ONE good photo of him.

Here’s a Curve-Billed Thrasher who is protecting his prized cactus fruit with his life, and a Verdin, clinging to some Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens) flowers.

Some more lovely flowers (the first one is a fancy lavender, the second is a scorpion-weed).

After the gardens, we went to the Phoenix Zoo.  So many great animals!  Below are some Watusi Cows, a strange and colorful stork, and some cute African River Otters:

Sleeping warthogs (awwww…), an Egyptian Goose (why does he remind me of a little old balding man?!), and a pelican whose reflection I liked:

A Black Vulture who looked like he was whistling, and Mr. and Mrs. Northern Shoveler:

…and a Ring-Necked Duck (new to my bird list, and not in captivity):

Last but not least, we have some photos from the ‘On A Stick’ department.

Where do the sticks GO when it lays down?!

After the zoo, we went back to the motel room, and sat for a while.  Ahhhh.  For dinner, we went to Cafe Istanbul, which is a favorite.  It was great.  That was pretty much the end of our day.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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