Halfway Wash Trail

Halfway wash has paved bike paths through some areas of Saint George, and has hiking trails that are easily accessible from our house.  Yesterday, I threw on my CamelBak and headed out for a short hike by myself.  I really like this area a lot, and the hiking is exciting, because it is new.

On the way to the trailhead, I passed some Screwbean Mesquite trees.  I love these.  Desert plants that take the brutal heat and dryness of the desert are fascinating to me.  Plus, these trees have really great seedpods!  Also, there is a really cool tunnel on the bike path that leads to the trailhead.

It’s pretty amazing that after a minute or two, you just come to the END of the developed area, and there is nothing but desert.  Desert plants, desert animals, red rocks, and red dirt.  I love it!  Here is one of the neighborhoods you walk through on the way.  The trail actually winds in and out of this neighborhood.

The trail goes MUCH further than I went yesterday, but these are some of the views from the part I DID hike.

I saw some of the native flora and fauna, which is almost always my favorite part.  I saw many rabbits, birds, and chipmunks.  This little Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher was busily hopping around in the creosote bushes, probably catching gnats.  I didn’t get any good photos of him, but I offer these anyway.

There are different types of cacti and plants here than there were in Moab.  It’s interesting seeing them, and identifying them.  I am not sure yet what this Opuntia is, but it’s a nice one, and these are scattered all over the desert here.  Does anyone out there know which Opuntia this is?

After my hike, Rich and I went to a place called Russo’s New York Pizza (I guess they don’t have their own website), which is near our house.  They sell pizza by the slice, like Paradox, and the pizza was very good.  Its crust is thinner and crispier than Paradox’s pizza.  I had a slice of their Barbecue Chicken pizza.  Yum!

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