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Hi, all.

I am pleased to announce that I still have 3 living Lithops plants! One of them is a year and a half old. That is a record for me. I am highly impressed with its will to live! Here they are…3 living Lithops, and a dead one, for good measure:

The first is Lithops bromfieldii v. bromfieldii (had it since March of last year)


Then, we have Lithops karasmontana (with no subspecies name), which I have had since September, 2006. It’s a little funny-looking, as it got very elongated last summer, due to low light. The strange thing about this one, is that the first photo (taken 1/14/08) shows the plant doing its normal splitting activity for this time of the year. However, the second photo shows that the new emerging leaves are now splitting a second time. I am not sure what’s going on, but I am so happy to have it still alive, that I can excuse any weird activity.

Lithops_NOID_1_1-14-08_new_leaves2 Lithops_NOID_1_1-25-08_splits_again2

Third, there is Lithops fulviceps ‘aurea’, which I have had since March of 2007. It seems healthy, if a little dehydrated, but is showing no signs of splitting.


Last but not least, this is Lithops bromfieldii (with no subspecies name). I am pretty sure it has succumbed to my poor and ignorant Lithops care, and shuffled off this mortal coil.


Ian, I would love for you to comment on these! Anyone else who stops by, too, of course. I always welcome comments.

Pick me!

I was looking over my plants a couple days ago (they are all spending the cold times indoors this year), and I saw this little Bulbine in the back near a wall, raising its little hand for some attention. It got the attention…I have moved it up to near the window, and I am hoping it will go through with its plans.

The plant itself isn’t looking too hot…its leaves got frozen before I brought it in, but it’s a fighter, for sure.

Bulbine_NOID_1_1-18-08_bloom_spike Bulbine_NOID_1_1-22-08_bloom_spike

On another note, it has warmed up a bit. Today it is 44° already, and it’s only noon.

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