I know a lot of you will find this as comical as I did.

This is from an “outdoor holiday lighting” article in the December, 2015 edition of Sunset Magazine.  It was in the waiting room at our dentist’s office in St George.

Twinkling Tumbleweeds.

Most of us don’t want anything to do with tumbleweeds (AKA ‘Russian Thistle’).  They are horrible things straight from hell – covered in nasty thorns – and each one is equipped with thousands and thousands of seeds to reproduce themselves all over your yard.

The idea of putting strings of twinkling lights on them, and using them as intentional decorations is ridiculous to me.  Yet here they are, in Sunset Magazine, being recommended for natural outdoor decor.  Wow.  Please forgive the bad photos – I was shaking with laughter.



Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  You can PURCHASE tumbleweeds online for your personal use, right here:  Curious Country Creations…The cheapest of which is $15, on SALE!  I think I see a new money-making idea!  My yard is FULL of them, and seems to be exactly the right conditions to grow them quickly and beautifully.

REALLY, SUNSET?!  Here’s the web page with the same information on it:  Twinkling Tumbleweeds

Thanks for joining me in a laugh.

17 Responses to Tumbleweeds!

  • I love that it’s a “minor” nuisance. Ha! They’ve never lived where tumbleweeds grow.

  • Looks a little like mini-meteors to me but a cool concept. You should try it, next time we get tumbleweeds in the backyard, Ma!

  • I am laughing. When my aunt moved to California I asked her to box up a tumble weed and to send it to me as they were in all my western movies and I loved them. She was going to do it and then a neighbor told her they were filled with bugs and other not so nice things so she declined and I didn’t blame her.

  • I have a friend who was rather poor one Christmas so she brought a tumbleweed into her livingroom and decorated it with ornaments. Never saw it and can only take her word that it worked out well.

  • I’m going to order some tumbleweeds right now! I really miss Russian thistle.

  • That is great – I love the idea of setting a bunch on fire and sending in the picture. Or offer free seeds to the Sunset writers to grow their own and let them reap the results. I remember when our old fluffy dog brushed up against when as we were traveling – it took a long time to pull out all of those seeds.

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