Gasteria excelsa (I think)

Hi, folks.

This Gasteria is a trooper.  It has a long story, like a lot of my plants.

I got it as an accidental cutting in June of 2006.  I was visiting a friend in San Diego (yes, Jeff – that’s you), and I clumsily bumped his plant with my shin hard enough to knock a leaf off, which he agreeably gave me.  I brought it home and potted it, and miraculously, it rooted.  That leaf grew several pups, the biggest of which became this plant.  Here’s the leaf, and its pups:



This is its first photo in its own pot:


It grew really well, until I left it outside on a freezing cold night the winter we lived in St George (2013).  It froze all the way down to its core, and I had to do some creative trimming (yeah, a hack job, for sure).  Here’s the frozen plant, and the resulting severe haircut:



It came back beautifully (and surprisingly) from that trauma, and as I was preparing to bring it inside for the winter 2 days ago, I noticed that it has its first bud ever!  I’m pretty excited, and it will be spending its afternoons outside in the sun until it blooms.  It’s too cold to leave it out now, so in at night.




Thanks for stopping by to appreciate this lovely Gasteria!  🙂

11 Responses to Gasteria excelsa (I think)

  • ‘clumsily bumped’ is a great way to phrase it, Katie! May I use that next time?

    It’s awesome, the progression and the flowering. I can’t wait for them to open! Was it really then that you visited? I just marked 9 years in the GWN, so your visit was shortly before my departure from that house. Wonderful plants, and I think you have the ID correct.

  • Quite the story and awesome to see that a little leaf cutting thrived so well.

  • ‘awesome to see that a little leaf cutting thrived so well.’
    Not surprising if you know Katie’s skills.

    • *blushing a little* Thank you, Jürgen. Coming from you, that’s a huge compliment. This is a simple plant, but I like it a lot, and I’m very glad that it’s still alive! 😀

  • A great achievement! Congratulations. I’m hoping you will post photos when the flower is fully opened.

  • You are a real cactus and succulent doctor. I would never have thought of cutting back a frost attacked plant. Good story and nice photo documentation. Congratulations!

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