Bangkok House in Moab

It’s been a while again, hasn’t it?

Moab has several new restaurants this spring…just like every year.  It’s kind of like a game of chance to bet on which ones will stand the test of time, and which ones will simply fade away, and you’ll be left thinking “Huh.  Remember when Knave of Hearts bakery was open?”  Or “Gee, I really loved the chilaquiles from Mi Ranchito”.  All that aside, I plan to go to all of them, and see how they are.

My friend Jen and I have now been to Bangkok House twice.  The first time, I got the Thai Red Curry with chicken, because this is something that I know I like from the older Thai restaurant in Moab, Singha.  I was NOT impressed with Bangkok House’s version of red curry.  You all have to understand, here, that I do not like peanuts.  At all.  The red curry tasted like it had peanuts in it.  EW. I forgot to take pictures the first time around.

Also, the salad that comes with the lunch special is topped with peanut sauce (which I can only liken to runny peanut butter – like liquid-baby-poop-death).  I forgot to ask for something different this time, so I had to pick around it again.  Gross.


We went for our second visit yesterday, and I LOVED the dish I picked.  I got the Fresh Ginger Sauce with Chicken.  I always get my Thai food ‘hot & spicy’, and this was definitely that.  *whew*  It was delicious, and makes me want to go back frequently and explore the menu more extensively.  I should have taken the picture before I dug in, but I was hungry, and almost forgot completely, but Jen reminded me.  Glad she did.


The lunch was $8.95 each, plus tax, and a tip.  Totally worth it.  Even the weird Asian candies at the cashier desk were good.  I don’t know what they were, though…just that they are part of the ‘classic series’.


I really loved yesterday’s lunch.  It was SOOOO good!  I recommend Bangkok House.

You can check out the full menu below – watch out, they’re big.

Bangkok_House_menu_4-9-15_1a Bangkok_House_menu_4-9-15_2a Bangkok_House_menu_4-9-15_3a Bangkok_House_menu_4-9-15_4a

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18 Responses to Bangkok House in Moab

  • I’m iffy on some of the peanut stuff.. I like peanuts, but some of the sauces taste ultimo ew. Glad you are out & trying the new places.. are there new food trucks each year too?

  • Wow, that’s pretty cool that there’s something new, especially in the way ofthis kind of food. Never tried Singha but now you have me curious about this. Looking forward to seeing you and Dad again on the week of May 10th by the way!

  • While you were stuffed in this restaurant, stuffing yourself, I was way out on Mineral Canyon point enjoying Salami and cheese with pickles, communing with the gods of the canyons, feasting on an apple for dessert………….yum, yum……………

    I’m also not so sure about the peanut better sushi……………..Love, Dad, the beneficient

  • Well, Katie, I’m always willing to try new foods unless they are bound to make the top of my head resemble Vesuvius; you know, the one with the gigantic hole in top. Actually, peanut sauce sounds really good. That I will have to try. Your meal looks delicious. Love, Mom

  • I love our thai restaurant and usually get the spicy noodle bowl and the coconut soup. Yum! It is a lot of fun to try the different ethnic restaurants and taste new flavors.

  • I can testify for the green curry…I think it’s better than Singha (the other local Thai place). I, for one, love peanut sauces, and Bangkok House’s is really good. Thanks for including me in your post, Katie 🙂

  • I love Thai food. My favorite place in Portland is Monsoon Thai, and we have a lot of choices. Monsoon isn’t the best looking place, sharing the building with their dry cleaning business, but the food is really good. I like peanut sauce, a lot, especially with spring rolls. Big fan of curries, massaman is my current favorite. Annecy has really gotten into it to, branching out from Pad Thai to curries now.

    • I think it is awesome, awesome, awesome that Annecy is loving it, too! Next time we come to Portland, I’d love to check out your Monsoon Thai! 🙂

  • Katie – thanks so much for your report! Since Mike & I can’t just “go check out” a new food establishment in Moab because of our Dietary Issues, it’s very helpful to read your report. Now when I’m asked, I’ll have a better reply than, “I don’t know…”!!!
    Peace, Love & Happiness,

  • I’ve been to a Burmese, vietnam, and Malaysian restuarant, but not Thai. I don’t think you would like the Burma or Malaysian foods, since they love to put peanuts in a lot of their dishes. I’m glad I worked with a very diverse group of people who loved to go out after work to introduce us to different foods.

    • Okay, Aunt Marcy – you’ve got me beat. I haven’t been to ANY of those! If Lorraine is close to a Thai place, that means you are too! You should GO! 🙂

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