Small Rosettes

This is a (very late) follow up to my post about Big Rosettes from last September.

Most of my plants have been in the house for the entire winter, enjoying the hospitality of my home, with its big, southwest-facing windows.  They seem happy enough, they just don’t really thrive during the winter.

This post contains a small selection of my small rosette-type plants.  First, some Agaves.  These are Agave victoria-reginae v. variegata, and Agave utahensis v. eborispina.

Agave_victoria-reginae_variegata_1_2-10-15_1.1 Agave_utahensis_eborispina_1_2-10-15_1.1

Then, some Aloes.  All four of these small Aloes are hybrids.  Aloe ‘Snowflake’, Aloe ‘Lizard Lips’, Aloe ‘Pepe’, and Aloe ‘Pink Blush’.

Aloe_NOID_1.2_2-10-15_1.1 Aloe_LizardLips_3_2-10-15_1.1 Aloe_Pepe_1_2-10-15_3.1 Aloe_PinkBlush_2_2-10-15_1.1

And some HaworthiasH. koelmaniorum, H. magnifica v. major, H. ‘Manda’s Hybrid’, and H. mirabilis v. calcarea.

Haworthia_koelmaniorum_2_2-10-15_1.1 Haworthia_magnifica_major_3_2-10-15_1.1 Haworthia_MandasHybrid_1_2-10-15_1.1 Haworthia_mirabilis_calcarea_1_2-10-15_1.1

H. mutica v. mutica, an unknown Haworthia, and a hybrid of H. springbokvlakensis and something else.

Haworthia_mutica_mutica_1_2-10-15_1.1 Haworthia_NOID_3_2-10-15_1.1 Haworthia_Springbokbegonias_1_2-10-15_1.1

One Graptopetalum – Graptopetalum superbum.  Yes, Jeff – this is originally from you (in 2005!), but this is one of that plant’s grandchildren.  My mom has the original plant, and it LOVES her.


…and that’s all for now.  All my plants are getting ready to be acclimated to the outdoors again very soon.  Some of them are already outside, enjoying the sun, and still chilly nights.  I’m hoping for big things from all of them this year!

Thanks for stopping by, and leaving your comments!

8 Responses to Small Rosettes

  • That is a Super Bum, Katie, and it’s so nice to be reminded of plants doing well that were gifted to thee from me – thanks!

    • Of course, Jeff! It’s nice that they like me well enough to still be around! 🙂 The only one I don’t have any more is the Haworthia picta, but my Mom has one of its pups, and I’m waiting for grandchildren from that one, too! 🙂

  • Believe it or not, my Graptopetalum is getting ready to bloom. I just love the flowers, they are so delicate and different.

  • I don’t remember what kind of cactus you gave Annecy, but this article reminded me of it. It seems to be doing fine – still a tiny little round thing. I wonder if putting in our south facing window would affect it in any way. It’s starting to warm up here, we’ll give it a try.

    • Catherine – I don’t know if you come back and read these replies, but if you do…Annecy’s little cactus (I’m pretty sure that’s the one I gave her) is Echinopsis multiplex. Once it’s above 40°F every night, you can put it outside – just keep it from getting too much water. It does like some, though…it’s more of a wet-climate cactus than a desert one. It should grow fast, and if Annecy keeps up with pot size, it should give her HUGE whiteish-pink flowers within a year or two. 🙂 Enjoy! Also, I’m happy to answer any questions she has about it, and to provide her with more plants in the future, if she’s interested.

  • What a nice collection. The plants in our bay window do pretty nicely over the winter, since they all get bathed in the sun. I won’t be able to put my plants out until May. Some of my plants near other windows are hanging on to dear life by then, but always bounce back once they get out in the fresh air.

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