Beautiful Weather!

Moab’s weather has been beautiful for the past several days.  Today it went up to 70°F.  Yesterday, too.


For the last two days, we’ve been doing yard work.  As any of you with a sizable yard and lots of trees know, this isn’t a quick chore.  We’ve cleaned up most of the leaves, and I cleaned out the flower beds, where there are already tulips, daffodils and hyacinths poking through the soil.

Below is my back yard flower bed, where last spring, I moved as many bulbs from all other beds as I could.  What you see poking up in the first picture are bearded irises.  A lovely peach color.




I also gave this Juniper tree in the middle of the back yard a haircut.  Now it looks like a tree!  Yay!  Photos below are before and after.



I was happy to see that my little Mother’s Day rosebush from Chris made it through the winter.  I planted it in the ground last summer, and it’s been struggling, but it looks like it’s going to do well this year.


Here’s a view of the gorgeous day, looking toward our neighbor to the southeast.


That was all yesterday.  Today, we raked all the leaves from the front yard.  Whew.  Glad THAT’S over.  Oh, and check out my trophy blisters!



Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting!

– Katie


17 Responses to Beautiful Weather!

  • Awesome! Glad to see beauty and life returning to Moab! Looking forward to coming home in the summer. Love and miss you, Ma.

  • Blisters build character. And also provide a wonderful source of whining material, if you’re running low…………….the juniper looks great……….it’ll be a growing privacy screen as the years pass. And the other, bigger juniper behind the flower bed would also benefit from a similar trimming. keep up the good work……………….John, El Excellente………

  • Hi Katie,
    I’m loving the weather too! Although, I haven’t been bit by the Yarding Productivity Bug like you have already. Strong work!
    BTW – your banner is FUN! It looks like a Frankencactus being born. 😉
    peace, Love & Happiness,

    • Maggie – Thanks! I will have some Agave babies available pretty soon, if you have anywhere you’d like an Agave or two. Also, so far, you’re the only one who’s noticed the new website theme. Rich made it for me. 🙂

  • Your yard looks lovely. Isn’t it great when you can actually see the difference after raking out a large mound of leaves and debris. Did that yesterday to a small section out front but our weather isn’t as nice as yours and some of the junk was still frozen in place. I just needed to move and do something. Cabin fever you know.

  • Katie, Katie, Katie, please wear gloves when raking and you won’t get blisters…
    Your yard looks great though. We can’t even see our yard for all the snow here.
    We had about 6 inches today and we are supposed to have a n’or easter on Thursday….
    Help us…..or saving that come over and shovel…hahaha
    Love Lesley xxxxxxx

    Hi John and Sonnie, enjoy your warm weather

    • Hi, Aunt Les! Funny you should mention gloves…I was wearing them. Don’t want to bugger up my manicure, you know…he he he. I think the gloves were part of the problem. Sorry about your snow, and Nor’easters! Stay warm!

  • Katie, Love the new header. Watching the gears and then seeing the colorful cactus pop up is terrific. When you visit next time, I have a great cure for boo boos. I am anxious to see what springs up in your flower bed. All that work will definitely be rewarded.

    • Sonja (AKA ‘Mom’) – Would this cure for boo-boos be a delicious cocktail of some sort? 😀 I can’t wait to see what grows, either…and there are more and more things popping up!

  • Woot! Hooray for warmth and being outside. 🙂

  • Are you kidding me, 70 degrees. I am envious. What a wonderful job you did on the Juniper tree and your back yard. We have out of control yew bushes that are in need of haircuts. When it gets in the upper 40’s I’ll get the pruners out.

  • Wow! Your yard is looking really nice! I hope you find it worth the blisters.

    I’m loving this weather, too. (Though I suppose today isn’t so great.)

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