LA County Arboretum

Yesterday, I went to the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.  I haven’t been there since about 1999.  It was a hazy day, so none of the photos turned out really great except for close-ups.


When I arrived, the parking lot was not too full, which was great.  I walked in the entrance, and the lady at the desk said it was their free day.  That was nice, but I immediately was worried it would be like Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix on their free day.  WAY too busy!  As it ended up, there weren’t very many people there at all.

In the parking lot, there was a big sign advertising that the ‘Aloe Walk’ was in bloom.  Yay!


The next thing I noticed was that there were peacocks EVERYWHERE!  I’ve never seen so many peacocks in one place before.  There were also Canada Geese, and some Guinea fowl.





The geese were just in one place, and lots of people were checking them out.  They didn’t seem too interested in the people.


Oh, and the Guinea hens.  Who wouldn’t love this prehistoric, dinosaur-looking face?!



I guess that brings us to the Aloes.  What an amazing display!  Big ones, small ones, medium-sized ones.  All blooming.







Below is Aloe speciosa.  It’s one of my favorites, as far as Aloe blooms go.


Here is a non-Aloe shot – part of the desert garden:


Look, Mom – FIGS!  I almost harvested them, but oh, yeah…Botanical Gardens don’t usually smile on people picking their wares.


Other than the geese, peacocks, and guineas, there were bunches of other birds, but the only one I got a decent picture of is this Allen’s hummingbird.


Look, a tourist!  A nice lady with a cute little girl took my picture for me, and I took one of the two of them.


…and look what I got for walking across the grass!  That’s right, it’s GOOSE POOP!


Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and looking at and commenting on my goose poop (and YES, those are my brand new shoes)!

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  • What an amazing garden, sounds and looks like a bird paradise. As for the Guinea fowl, you’re right, that does look like a dinosaur especially with the Parasaurolophus head crest! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  • Aw, Katie, I’m missing you again! Any chance of you coming to PHX in the next two weeks?

    Oh, and great gardens alive! I’ve never been there.

    You haven’t stepped in GP until you stepped in a field of Canadian GP in slush, if you must know.

    • Jeff – Eventually, I will be able to view some succulents with you, and maybe I can meet your wife. 🙂 My mom and I will probably be in Phoenix during the first or second week in March, if you’ll be around then!

  • No, Katie, unfortunately not, though I might get the Huntington, the SD Winter Show, and Steve Hammer and Patrick Anderson’s, not to mention a certain Herr Kaktus’s. Tough life, but that’s why 32GB cards are cheap, right?

  • Wow, I had no idea aloes could get so big. I don’t think they grow like that in Portland. I’m surprised people were interested in the geese, they’re so common, when the guinea hen was so much more interesting. Most of the geese have left our park, so goodbye gobs of goose poop.

    • Catherine – They wouldn’t live outside in Portland, unfortunately. The guinea hens are more interesting, for sure…but they were harder to get to.

  • You must have had a good time soaking in all the color and beauty. Your amazing photos prove that. Thanks for including that fancy looking guinea hen. Now there’s a guy that forgot to evolve.
    Wonder what one of those birds would taste like? You might want to have a b-bag handy if you took a bite.

  • Katie, you are so lucky to be in LA for all those wonderful flowers. Darn, the figs sure do look tasty. Along with the fantastic aloes, did you notice the huge jade plant in bloom in your first picture? Terrific photos!

    • Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – Thanks! That plant in bloom in that photo above is actually a Crassula ‘gollum’, which is why I took the picture. I wanted to show it to you. I have a picture of the whole plant.

  • I would have been like Aaaaaah to see so many aloes in bloom. Beautiful.

    • Lorraine – It’s gorgeous. Longwood gardens is amazing, too, but since I like desert plants, it’s nice to see them all in a situation where they can grow outside! 🙂

  • The shots of the peacocks are AMAZING, Katie!

  • As usual I love your pictures. What a gorgeous place. I can almost feel the warmth. Did you buy anything in the gift shop if they have one?

  • The Guinea Hens look like those bird beads I showed you on Monday!

  • I found your blog on my old e-mail address only now. And I’m very sorry you didn’t do the 2 more hour drive coming further south to SD.

    • Jürgen – I am ALWAYS sorry when I can’t make the trip to SD. It’s difficult when we’ve only got one car there, and everything is sort of family-oriented. I hope to visit this summer! 😀

  • GuineaGuineaGuineaGuineaGuineaGuinea…..cock.

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