New Shoes!

My new running shoes arrived today via the UPS delivery guy, along with a book about running.  They were part of my Christmas present from my parents.  New shoes, like a new year, must be celebrated.  Here they are:



They are Asics Gel-Equation.  These are to replace my old running shoes (Asics Gel-Trabuco), which I bought in 2003, while living in California.  Shown here new (March 22, 2003):


Here are the Gel-Trabucos today – perhaps you can see why they’re being replaced:


I will miss these shoes immensely.  They are UTTERLY broken in.  These new shoes have some big shoes to fill.  Har, har, har.


I’m pretty excited to use them, once it stops being freezing cold and ugly outside.

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  • It will be interesting to see if the running shoes work for you. My current pair of similar shoes have lasted me for ages! I also hope it stops being freezing cold and snowy and ugly as well. I’ve come close to slipping more than once already whilst going for strolls in areas where there’s still plenty of ice and snow left.

  • I must say your old shoes, by the looks of them, have served you well. Old broken in shoes are like part of your feet and you forget their there. I hate breaking in new shoes. Good luck with them and happy trails to you!

  • Can I get a ‘Hell YES!” on the nails, flooring, and PINK!?!?!
    Peace, Love & Happiness,

  • Katie! Asics are my favorite running shoe. Congrats on the new kicks. Please run with me…I can only do short runs on relatively flat surfaces at the moment. 🙂 I would love to have company! Top of Millcreek from Highland is delightful … well, except for today when I thought I might freeze to DEATH!

    • Jen – Funny story for you. (Yes, I will run with you, by the way). The story is: I’ve had this exact pair of shoes in my cart on Amazon for MONTHS, except the blue/green version. When I went and looked at YOUR Amazon wishlist, I saw that you had the same damn pair on your list. So, I changed my order to the orange and pink ones (so we wouldn’t have the same shoes). If you get them, we’ll have the same shoes, just different colors. 😀

      • Ha ha! I wouldn’t mind if we matched. I actually like the orange and pink too! I always try to get the darkest possible colors because I’m always running outside and they eventually turn pink if they start off white!

  • Kinda sad to think that if those wonderful old shoes could talk they’d tell many redolent stories…..and them thar sweet smellin’ new runnin’ boots have a whole new life ahead, limited only by the bounjdaries of your imagination…………John, the fleetrunner

  • I hope you don’t have to wait too long to give them a good work out outside. I hate to give up an old pair of comfortable shoes, but if they leak when you walk in the rain, I guess it’s time. That’s when I usually get a new pair.

  • I thought that your dad was a spendthrift! He knows that a roll of duck tape costs much less than a new pair of sneakers. I always knew that you had him wrapped around your little finger.
    They’re beautiful Katie, and Happy New Year.
    Love, Tom and Susie

  • Yay! Let’s do this thang!

  • I’m glad you are beginning the new year with style. You had style in the old year too, but this year it won’t be so ragged.

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