Bears – But Not in the Woods

Hi, loyal readers.  It’s been a while again, hasn’t it?  I really have no valid excuses.  I’d like to post more often…I just haven’t.

For the last week (maybe more), there has been a bear cruising around our neighborhood.  Over night last night, he knocked over our trash can for the SECOND time, and made a mess.


It must be a good-sized bear, because it left us some ‘gifts’, and these ‘gifts’ are BIG.  The ‘gift’ in the pictures is about 12 inches long, and about 8 inches wide.

CAUTION:  Those are, indeed, photos of bear poo below.

2014-8-28_bear_poop_27_LaSal_Road_1.1 2014-8-28_bear_poop_27_LaSal_Road_2.1

I’d love to see the bear, he just happens to be out and about while I am asleep.  I’d love to get some photos of HIM, not just his droppings.



In other news – Rich and I finally went for our pseudo-honeymoon.  We drove to Southern California and stayed there for a few days.  We then drove north along the coast to Portland, OR, stopping here and there.  We met up with family, and spent several days in Rockaway Beach, OR.  we drove back to SoCal, and spent more time there, and then came home.  It was a little over two weeks of travel, family, and friends.  It was a great trip.

I did take tons and tons of photos, which I haven’t sorted through yet.  Here are a couple, both taken by Rich.  The first is me, walking along the beach at San Simeon, CA, and the second is the two of us at the Smith River, right on the California/Oregon border.

Cali-Oregon-Trip 048.1

Cali-Oregon-Trip 118.1

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting!

18 Responses to Bears – But Not in the Woods

  • Dang, that does sound like a BIG bear to be leaving gifts that big. It’d definitely be awesome if you catch him in the act before he runs away and leaves another mess! Especially if you catch him on just his hind legs and not on all fours! Miss you and Dad, down here in St. George!

    • Chris – We miss you, too! I think the bear is gone from our neighborhood now. Thankfully. I didn’t get to see him, but that’s okay. I’d rather have him back in the woods somewhere, where he belongs.

  • Maybe the bear is looking for Charmin in your trash. According to TV, that’s their preferred brand when they have to go.

  • I live in an area of black bear sightings but have never seen a bear. Have been cleaning up fox scat in the yard for the past few weeks and yes, I have seen the magnificent red fox prowling the area and found the puff of dove feathers left in the wake of his hunting.

  • I, too, would love to see that bear. For many years, it has been rumored to be in the orchard at the end of your road. The HS kids were warned to stay in the building because of the bear. Poor guy, few fans!

    • Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – It’s strange that he’s been rumored to be there for years, and hasn’t done any trash pillaging until now! I wonder what made him decide to make himself known?

  • Ya know, I have donkeys that leave that kinda pile… careful!

    • Jeanette – Ha ha ha. Donkeys seem MUCH safer, and much less likely to eat me. Plus, I wouldn’t run shrieking in to the house if I came outside and found a donkey going through my garbage – I’d probably say ‘AWWWWW!’, and go pet him. 🙂

  • CUTE!!! – not the Bear action. 😉
    Peace, Love & Happiness,

  • Instead of trying to get a picture of the future rug , maybe someone oughta feed the poor guy something that will bind up his bowels so he doesn’t leave that sloppy evidence of his comings and go-ings.

    • Uncle Doug – What a good idea. We’ve got a guest room, if you’d like to c’mon over, and be the brave one that goes out there and tips the bottle of Kaopectate down his throat. He he he.

  • From the size of things, I’m thinking a <500 lb. ursine, but y'all also know that the American Black Bear can come in all colours, from white to black and everything in between.

    But I like the picture of you and Rich, and also you walking along the beach, more. Still, those first two put me in an excremental crisis, wouldn't you say?

    You do have a square-headed shovel, right? They're the best two for cleaning up the pools.

    • Jeff – Square-headed shovel – check. Pile clean-up – check. Bear not in my neighborhood anymore – I hope. Thanks for your compliments on the other photos! 🙂

  • How exciting, a bear. I wonder where he lives to keep out of sight and hidden. we just have bunnies and squirrels and an occassional mouse sighting.

    • Aunt Marcy – I really wish I had gotten to see him, but I’m kind of glad he hasn’t been around, too. Thankfully, we have no bunnies (little destroyers of plants). We do have mice and squirrels.

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