Arizona, Day One

As is tradition, my Mom and I went to Arizona this past week, to get some sun, and enjoy some time together.  We only went to Phoenix this time, and had very limited time.  We still managed to have a great time, and see lots of great stuff!

On the way to Phoenix, we stopped off for a picnic lunch at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.


Sunset Crater is always a favorite, because of the lunch company at the visitor center picnic area…lots of Steller’s Jays.  They weren’t quite as cooperative as they have been in previous years, so I didn’t get as many decent photos.  I did get a few.  My favorite part about Steller’s Jays is their crests.  I love that little point on top of their heads!




I’ll be posting photos from the other two days from our vacation shortly!  Please stay tuned…

8 Responses to Arizona, Day One

  • Magnificent photos of the jays. I too like crested birds which is why my companion is Rio the Cockatiel

  • We did have a terrific time! What I love about Steller’s Jays is their eyebrows. They seem to be painted on. Their color is also magnificent. The day was beautiful with temperatures in the sixties at
    Sunset Crater, perfect for sitting at a picnic table to enjoy lunch.

  • I just got together with a friend here in Missoula who has started taking a bird guide with her when she hikes with her two little ones. She said that it keeps them more motivated in wandering around outside and makes it more interesting for her as well! Future birders…

    • Jen – I like when I see or hear about people teaching their offspring about birding, or plants, or nature in general. I feel like people don’t teach their kids these things much any more, and this is why we have so many apathetic teens these days.

  • You take excellent pictures of birds. When Louie and I were at Sunset Crater with a picnic lunch, I just heard one or two birds, but didn’t see any.

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