We Planted A Garden!

We’re embracing the nicer early spring weather here in far-southwestern Utah.  Rich expressed an interest in having a garden this spring, so since we actually have enough room for one, we went to the nursery and bought a bunch of plants.  What we got:

Yellow sweet corn (6 plants)

Tomato ‘Champion’ (2 plants

Tomato ‘Beefsteak’ (1 plant)

Tomato ‘Beefmaster’ (2 plants)

Tomato, cherry (2 plants)

Jalapeño chiles (6 plants)

Snow peas (6 plants)

Chives (1 plant)

‘Sweet mint’ (1 plant, spearmint of some kind)

Bush cucumbers (9 plants)

Okra ‘Cajun delight’ (1 plant, which I planted in a big pot, and already looks dead)

Serrano chiles (a billion seeds)

Habañero chiles (a billion seeds)

Cilantro (a billion seeds)

Yellow onions (a billion seeds)

Sweet basil (a billion seeds).

Garden_3-4-13_1.1_plants Garden_3-4-13_2.1_seeds

Last summer, there was a huge flood in this area, and the house we’re currently living in was directly in the path of the flood.  The garden area was buried in sand and silt.  Our landlord came over and mulched, amended, and roto-tilled the garden for us.  Rich hoed us some rows, and we planted our plants and seeds.  Those are Snow Peas along that fence in the last photo.  I am hoping they will climb the fence like they’re supposed to, rather than being difficult and wanting chicken wire or something.

Garden_3-5-13_1.1_before_planting Garden_3-12-13_1.1_freshly_planted

Garden_3-12-13_5.1_bush_cucumbers_and_corn Garden_3-12-13_3.1_bush_cucumbers

Garden_3-12-13_4.1_chives_and_mint Garden_3-12-13_2.1_peas_along_fence

It’s been beautiful in the afternoons – in the 80s the last few days, and down in the upper 40s at night.  I’m hoping for great things from this garden!

17 Responses to We Planted A Garden!

  • Salsa party at Katie’s in four months! I wish I had your weather, young lady – not for another month and a half for us, however. Also wishing you good growing and little hoeing.

  • Oh, and I like the new layout – Disqus, if I’m not wrong, is also new, too, nu?

  • Jeff – Actually, I thought it had always supported Gravatars and Disqus, but I may be wrong. Thanks for your compliments on my new theme!

  • Katie, we’re looking forward to the harvest celebration when everyone gets invited to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Yum!!!

  • Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – Of course you’re invited!

  • With all the sunshine warming your plants there should be some healthy rewards for the planters. Looks really good Katie. You and Rich have a nice little farm there.

  • That is a nice array of plants. May I suggest you plant the mint in a pot that you sink in the ground as mint sure does like to take over, at least around here it does and I have mine in sunken pots or mixed in with a container arrangement. I can’t wait until we get some real Springtime weather. Snowed today.

  • Uncle Doug – Thank you! We are both excited for it to start producing. 🙂

  • Lorraine – Thanks for that suggestion. I had that happen with oregano a few years ago…it took over a whole end of my garden. Really difficult to get rid of!

  • That is awesome! It looks like if all goes well you will yield quite a bit of produce. I do not have a yard as I live in an apartment complex now but I’m going to try some container gardening this year. You just reminded me I need to get busy planting! Happy Gardening.

  • I love tomatoes, but apparently not enough to plant any of my own. Wish I lived closer so I could take any you were willing to part with off your hands because there is nothing like a homegrown tomato!

  • You have a nice variety of veggies. I used to have a nice veggie garden, bur my neighbor let his walnut trees grow and now my yard is mostly shade. I do remember though how nice it was to just go outside and pick a tomato when needed. The taste was heavenly. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Enjoy your future feasts.

  • Kenzie – Yes! Get on it! I’m glad you have room for containers at least! Hope you’re doing great!

  • Jen – Okay, come and live closer! I’ll give you all the tomatoes you can eat! I miss you.

  • Aunt Marcy – Thanks! You should come live closer, too. I’d give you lots of veggies…:)

  • that is fantastic! it’s fun to see the produce grow and then partake :-), isn’t it? we try to do a little garden every year but it sometimes gets away from us. we might start thinking about gardening now that the snow has finally melted. you’ve given me some ideas to try new this year!

  • Amber – Yep! Love it! In a couple of years, you’ll have more help for the garden than you can handle as the boys get older! 🙂

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