Beck Hill Trail

I went for a hike yesterday.  The weather has been beautiful, and I feel like actually being outside again.  Yesterday, with temperatures in the 70s and a day off, it was the perfect day.

I hiked the Beck Hill loop, partly to just get out there, and partly to check out the native cactuses, to see if they are thinking about blooming any time soon.  They are not, as far as I could see.  However, I did harvest a few Mammillaria tetrancistra seeds, to see if I can make them grow.  I was a little disappointed to not find any buds on anything, but I guess it is still a little early.  Here are the plants I DID find:  A Cylindropuntia, an Opuntia, an Echinocereus, and the Mammillaria tetrancistra seeds.

Opuntia_1.1 Opuntia_2.1 Echinocereus_1.1

Echinocereus_1.2 Seedz_1.1

I love this area.  There are red rocks like Moab, but there is actual variety.  I like this photo, with its contrasting very black lava rocks on top of the red sandstone.  This is from the trail I hiked today, too.


For you geeks out there, here are my hike stats, via Strava:


Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting!  🙂

12 Responses to Beck Hill Trail

  • It is certainly beautiful country, great to explore. Glad you’re getting out and finding excellent spiny things to photograph and add to your collection. . Good luck with the seeds.

  • We were just at the new Portland Aquarium, and its amazing how much the anenomes can look like cactus, especially pics 3 and 4. I really liked the garden eels – I could have watched them and the morays for a lot longer than the kids could wait around.

  • Looks like fun. I’m just working a ton. Maybe one day we can coordinate a day and hike in Kolob or something. Taylor Creek is awesome…after the snow melts and the trail dries.

  • Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – Thanks. I am still happy to have a new area to explore, and I can’t wait to try the seeds!

  • Catherine – I love aquariums too. My favorites are the Rays. …and same as you, I could stay and watch them all day!

  • Janet – YES! I’d like that very much! 🙂

  • I personally would never make it that far on feet.. so I am glad you take lot of pictures. There is an aquarium out here somewhere. I know there is Waldons puddle or something too.. As always.. Great pics and thank you for sharing!

  • It looks beautiful. I always liked the quiet and solitude of taking a walk in the woods, when I could. It’s a peace that can’t be beat.

  • First of all, I love your new blog template! Looks very nice — especially that custom header!

    As for your hike, I’m so glad it was fun. Looks like a beautiful area, and how cool to try to cultivate your own plants. May they grow well.

  • Barb – Someday I will visit you. And we can go to the aquarium together. Yay! 🙂

  • Aunt Marcy – It’s wonderful to be able to go enjoy the quiet of nature, whether it’s the woods or the desert. I love it.

  • Caryn – Thank you for your kind words about my new theme! I made it myself, and I am still tweaking it a bit…still has some strange colors and fonts in unexpected places.

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