The Green Pan

Almost a year ago, I got this green skillet.  ‘Or-green-ic’ skillet, to be exact.  It’s an Aluminum skillet, with a green sparkly ceramic coating.  I was excited to try it, but other things came up…like work, moving, and well – life.

A few days ago, I was in the mood for eggs, so I got out the green pan, and read its directions.  I was supposed to ‘cure’ it.  I needed to rub vegetable oil all over the green surface, then put it on the stove on medium heat, and let it cook until it started to smoke.  I did that.

2012-12-10_Green_pan_1.1 2012-12-10_Green_pan_2.1

After that was done, I was supposed to be ready to cook anything in it.  The ads for the green pan say that you can cook anything in it WITHOUT grease.  My first foray into green-pan cooking was sauteed Brussels sprouts, WITH grease (butter, to be precise).  You can’t saute Brussels sprouts without butter or oil.  You just can’t.

2012-12-11_Green_pan_1.1 2012-12-11_Green_pan_2.1


In any case, the next day, I was finally ready to try this pan WITHOUT grease.  Mmmmm!  Eggs!

It went well, to start.

2012-12-12_Green_pan_1.1 2012-12-12_Green_pan_2.1 2012-12-12_Green_pan_3.1

Here’s a video showing how nicely it came off the pan, and was turned over. Push the ‘play button’ in the middle to make it go.

YouTube Preview Image

Once they were turned over, it began to stick a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, the eggs were delicious.

2012-12-12_Green_pan_4.1 2012-12-12_Green_pan_5.1 2012-12-12_Green_pan_6.1

However, I wasn’t expecting to see this in the bottom of the pan.  The eggs DID stick.  I can still recommend this pan highly, as these eggs really and truly were cooked without any kind of grease.  I like it!  I’m excited to use it again!

Do any of you have this pan?!  What do you think of it?

10 Responses to The Green Pan

  • I’ve got to have one too! After watching the ads for months and wondering if it actually works, your testimonial has me convinced. The Brussels Sprouts made my mouth water. Love them! Now you can venture into omelettes. Yummy!

  • I got a couple of new pans for Christmas, some fancy ones from Macy’s with the gift card we got last Christmas. The old ones were Circulon, and held up for a long time. I might return these and go for some other ones at the local store that are supposed to be more eco friendly and not have the bad teflon stuff. What is this one coated with that makes it not sticky? Is it just the curing that does it? We are kind of rough on pans. How do you clean it?

  • Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – The only bummer about it was the fact that it stuck at the end. However, that could have been my cooking negligence. I can’t see myself cooking too often without some kind of grease anyway.

  • Catherine – The ‘non-stick’ part of this one, I think, is the ceramic coating (eco-friendly and health-friendly, apparently), and the curing. You’re supposed to cure it once or twice a year. It was very easy to clean – no scrubbing needed. Just a little warm water and soap. I’m about to use it again, to make myself an omelette. Mmmmm!

  • I know nothing. 🙂 I just let Joel cook for me. hahahaha!

  • I don’t have one, but I did see it advertised on TV. It’s nice to know they really work. I can’t imagine frying eggs in a regular pan without any type of grease, because when I use grease, which is all the time, my eggs still stick more than your on your pan. Have fun using it.

  • Janet – Yes, yes, yes. You’re very lucky. 🙂

  • Aunt Marcy – I made an omelette in it yesterday, and it turned out perfectly, without any sticking. Of course, I DID use butter…

  • Hi Katie,

    I am always skeptical of these types of cookware.
    They never seem to stay non-stick for long.
    We are big fans of cast iron pans, they last about 100 years and if you heat them up first and then cook with them not much sticks.
    We also have stainless steel pans and I love those also.
    I do worry about the chemicals leaching out on the non-stick pans, even though ‘they’ say earth friendly.
    But, I would continue to use butter or oil in the pan.
    Have a very happy, happy New Year 2013!

  • Thanks, Aunt Les! Yep, I’m skeptical, too. However, really – so far it’s been a great pan. My favorite pan in the world is an Aluminum sauce pan, with no coating. Happy new year to you and uncle Doug, too!

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