What, More Socks?! …And Some Food.

Being here in St. George and not having a job yet has been a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because there is actually time for things I never have time for – like reading, knitting, exploring, etc – and a curse because well, there’s no money coming into my savings.  Only going out.

In the last two days, I have finished a half-finished sock, and started and finished its mate.  I am really happy with the way the variegation in this yarn turned out.  This was my first time knitting with DK-weight yarn.  DK-weight is also known as ‘light worsted weight’.  Lately, I’ve noticed that they’ve changed the weight measurement on yarn from the familiar ‘sock/fingering, baby, sport, worsted, and chunky’ to the new (potentially easier but foreign) ‘super fine, fine, light, medium, bulky, and super bulky’.  Click here for descriptions.  I really wish they’d establish a standard measurement system that they intend to stick with.

So the DK yarn is slightly thinner than the standard worsted-weight yarn, and knit up beautifully.  One ball was exactly perfect for one pair of socks for me.  I think if I were knitting bigger man-sized socks, I’d need more than one ball.  Here’s the ball I used.  The brand is ‘Yarn Bee’, and it’s 56% wool, 22% polyester, and 22% PTT.  I had to look up what PTT is, and it’s ‘polytrimethylene terephthalate’.  Some sort of spun thermoplastic.  It sounds a little scary, but the yarn feels very soft and nice.

The color is ‘Creamsickle’, spelled incorrectly, like ‘sickle-cell anemia’.

Here are the finished socks, with a close-up of the fabric, and a picture of exactly what came from that ball of yarn.  There was very little left over.

The socks are knit using 4 double-pointed size 4 needles.  I think, upon reflection, next time I knit with this yarn, I will use size 3 needles.  I think a slightly tighter fabric would be even nicer.  Here are the needles, and a picture of all the things used to make these socks.  I left the yarn needles and the scissors out of the photo, because I figure they are obvious.  Also, there’s a picture of the sock in action, on an actual foot.

I am glad to be finished with these, as they have been on my needles since about November, 2010.  See HERE.

Rich and I also tried a new Mexican food place here in St. George.  It’s called Irmita’s.  It’s a little place, with a palapa-style roof, and a big patio with misters around the edges. Notice in the first photo that there’s a stack of sombreros.  They are for people to wear while they are dining there.  I love that.

I got three tacos – carnitas, chile verde, and machaca.  Rich got the carne asada burrito combination.  The carnitas and chile verde were GREAT.  The machaca (which is supposed to be dried shredded beef – and wasn’t) was suspiciously like the carne asada – tasteless and not grilled.  Also, Rich’s burrito came just as you see it in the (bad) picture…not rolled, and too full to actually roll it.  It wasn’t that great.  Bummer.  I would definitely go back for the carnitas and chile verde, though.

Thanks for reading, and for commenting!

20 Responses to What, More Socks?! …And Some Food.

  • Way to sock it to that yarn after all this time. I’m glad you are finding fun things to eat and do. Happy day to you.

  • Thanks, Janet! I’m glad, too. I’m really pleased with the socks, and really pleased with the food in St. George, for the most part.

  • I agree that color is awesome! That burrito looks super delicious.. why is there a D on the mountain ?

  • Wow, Barb – you’re WAY more observant than I would have been! The D is for Dixie College (where Chris is going). Unfortunately, the burrito was less than super delicious. The tacos on the other hand…MMMMM!

  • Nice socks! But does it feel sticky to have creamsickles on your feet?

    Glad you are enjoying your new home town. I always liiked it there. I’m sure employment will happen soon…probably about the time you get involved in a project that you do not want to put down yet.
    Keep smiling.

  • MomKat – He he he. They are WOOL creamsickles, so they are different…? You’re SO right about the getting a job as soon as I start something I don’t want to be done with. That’s when it always happens!

  • The carnitas looks amazing, and I look your new template-awesome colors.

  • Kenzie – Thanks! Yeah, I already want to go back and have the carnitas again.

  • There are so many ways to describe your new socks; beautifully knitted, warm, gorgeous color combination, perfect fit. Wear them in good health! Oops! Had to get a Kleenex because as I was looking at the tacos, I was salivating. See you in a few days.

  • Thanks, Sonja (AKA ‘mom’)! They are great tacos!

  • Those are so pretty! And just in time for cooler weather, too.

  • Hi, Caryn! – I know know about cooler weather (it was 104 deg. at 8:00 tonight), but I am certainly ready should some materialize! 😀

  • I think your dad is going to love the new socks you knitted for him.

  • Uncle Doug – He’s getting a new pair at Christmas. SHHHH. Don’t tell him! 😀

  • Wow, I forgot about those socks since you had begun working on them. They look better finished! 🙂

  • Chris – Yeah, these took a particularly long time to knit, eh?! Well, they’re done now. Ahhhh. 🙂

  • Well, you’ll be warm and toasty this winter. I can’t believe there are so many different types of yarn. Too many choices. You have to be careful that you pick the right yarn for your project. Good luck for finding a job.

  • Aunt Marcy – That’s very true. I love all the choices of yarn for every type of project! Thanks for the good luck wishes for finding a job! 🙂

  • Hi Katie,

    Love your descriptions and photos of your new stomping ground.

    About your Irmita’s experience, aside from the food, when I think of sombreros that have been on other people’s heads I think of bed bugs….and worse……uckkkkkkk…

  • Hi, Aunt Les. Yeah, I don’t think I would actually put one on my head…I just like the idea that that’s an option! 🙂 Hope you’re well!

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