To Phoenix With Mom – Day Three

On our second morning in Phoenix, we made it out of the motel at about 9:00 am (after a nice breakfast of cold Cafe Istanbul leftovers), heading for Boyce Thompson Arboretum (which is about forty-five minutes east of Phoenix).  The road to the Arboretum goes through some low mountains, and there were tall pink Penstemons on both sides of the road.  Beautiful!

Here are some photos, in no particular order, from BTA.

Here’s the one and only new plant I brought home from Phoenix.  It is Haworthia herbacea.  I love it!

After several lovely hours at the Arboretum, we drove back to Phoenix, and had a lovely late lunch at a little diner right next to the motel called Jim’s Coney Island Cafe.  I had a really good tuna melt (which I am always on the lookout for – I LOVE a good tuna melt).  Mom had a bacon cheeseburger, which she said was great.

We relaxed in the room for a little while, and then Janelle came to the motel and picked me up.  We went out to have dinner and drinks.  It was great to see her.  We went to a place called Crave.  The food was really good.  The garlic fries were amazing!  I had a beer, and Janelle ordered the sangria, not realizing it was a whole carafe of it.  It was delicious, and she was nice enough to share!  🙂  That’s me, drinking out of the carafe, and me and Janelle at Crave.  The photos are phone pictures, and it was dark, so they aren’t great.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

10 Responses to To Phoenix With Mom – Day Three

  • Love it. What a great trip. Good going Katie.

  • More gorgeous photos! I have to say, though, your posts – especially your trip reports – always make me hungry! 😀

  • Glad you got to visit with Janelle and had a great time. The whole trip was excellent!

  • Heehee! Such a bad picture! We were going to retake it but my phone battery died. :O) Glad I got to see you this time!! :O) Come back soon!

  • Beautiful! I love the desert in springtime. What is the red bird in the sixth picture?

  • Lorraine – Thanks! It was a great trip!

    Caryn – Trips involving good food are the only best kind! 😀

    Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – I’m glad, too. Thanks again for another wonderful trip to Arizona!

    Janelle – Yes, I will. I’m so happy to have gotten to see you, too!

    Catherine – Thanks! The red bird is a Northern Cardinal. They are the prettiest, most vibrant shade of red!

  • All the plants are beautiful and the Red Cardinal’s got the most brilliant rose-red body I’ve seen on a bird. Garlic fries? That’s something I wanna try some time.

  • Chris – The garlic sauce that restaurant had was unique, and really tasty! I wish I knew how to make it!

  • Your pictures and descriptions are very enjoyable. As Caryn mentioned that your trip reports make her hungry. It’s true! So I wanted to inject a little info and a secret I discovered about leftover pizza that you put in the fridge or freezer last week/month. Take that cold slice(s) out and warm (not hot) them in the microwave. Then put it/them on a dry (no oil) frying pan with a medium high temp and heat those guys up until nice and well done/crisp on the bottom. Makes that old slice taste even better than the day it was bought. Hope you weren’t hungry when you got home from that great AZ trip with your wonderful companion.

  • Uncle Doug – That’s a fantastic idea on warming pizza slices! It would be just like a pizza stone! Nope, not hungry after the trip, though I am a bit now…

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