The Finished Peacock

Well, thar she blows!  I finished the peacock a few days ago.  Just wanted to let y’all know.

Here he is outdoors in the fresh air (‘free range’), and in his new home – amongst Hummels, fake fruit, and various interesting pods:

How could you not love this face?!

7 Responses to The Finished Peacock

  • Wonderful color shceme! Love the color on the fan fathers! Did you use Beads or Jewels on them?
    the Googly Eyes just make it!! Great Job!!

  • What a cute and colorful peacock. He really brightens up the place.

  • Barb – Thanks! I loved the googly eyes, too. When I started on him, I wanted to leave them off…thinking they would be silly on him, but once he was done, he NEEDED them. 🙂

    Aunt Marcy – Thank you! He lives on my mom’s pot cupboard now. I think it’s a great place for him.

  • At least I get to see him here even though you forgot to show me when you were done with him. Oh well, his face is funny especially the bug-like eyes he has on him.

  • Chris – I know I forgot to show him to you…you’ll get to see him again soon, I’m sure. He didn’t go far. He DOES have awesome bug-eyes, doesn’t he? That’s my favorite part of him!

  • He looks great on the pot cupboard and has acquired a friend in “Sad Duck”, who is really a pelican. Haven’t thought of a name for Mr. P. yet. Since everything else around here has one, I’ll be working on that.

  • Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – He DOES look great there, and I love that he and sad duck are now such good buddies! 🙂

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