New Stuff

New Stuff (aka: I haven’t ‘blogged in a long time, and lots of things have happened).

Cactus Kate ‘Blog anniversary.  January 20th was the 3rd anniversary of this ‘blog.  Can’t believe I’ve been at it for 3 years!

The Big Trip.  Obviously, since I am here writing this, Rich and I returned from our RV-retrieval trip safely.  It was a fun, stressful, trying, exciting trip.  We got lots of photos, and actually managed to post on our travel ‘blog (CLICK HERE) frequently.  I am really glad to be home, but I want to say that I really liked Corpus Christi, Texas – a lot more than I thought I would.  It seems like a pretty laid-back place with warm-ish weather, and good Mexican food.  It has colleges, birds, warm winters, palm trees, and WORK.  Everywhere we went, there was a ‘now hiring’ sign in the window.

Here are a couple comparison photos from this trip, and a similar or same photo from when Rich and I visited Texas in 1999.  First pics from 1999, then from 2011 (11 years seems like a long time, but doesn’t look like such a long time):

The Alamo

Caverns of Sonora

New Phone.  It was time for my phone upgrade through Verizon, and I decided to upgrade to a Droid X.  This is my first ‘smart phone’, and I am still marveling at all the things it can do.  It gets online, takes calls, has a GPS (a real one, not just the emergency location thing), is a mobile WiFi hotspot for other devices, and even lets me play Scrabble with Janelle.  🙂  It came two days ago, and I haven’t stopped playing with it.  Here is a short story, starting with the Fed-Ex truck arriving with my new ‘device’.  In picture #5, you can see how big this thing is compared to my old phone.

Socks.  I finally completed my first pair of ‘sock yarn’ socks.  Sock yarn is VERY fine yarn – almost like embroidery floss.  It took what seemed like forever to complete this pair of socks, but I really like how they look, and I will definitely knit with sock yarn again.  I am impressed with them.  I have already cast on the next pair of socks.  There are 2 pics of the finished socks, and 2 pics of the new socks.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and keeping me motivated to continue my ‘blog!  🙂

6 Responses to New Stuff

  • Where do you think you’ll be in 10 more years? You guys almost look the same. Always good to get back to your nest and the people and things you love. Glad you had a good adventure and experience on your RV retrieval trip. You’ve sure got some talent with a knitting needle Cactus Kate. Those socks are looking mighty good and I might add…impressive. How many different things have you knit? Looking at the Smart Phone…..amazing devices they are, but think of all the time I’ll be saving with my cheapo Tracphone. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll make good use of it and enjoy all the do-dads that critter has loaded inside.

  • Your memories of this adventure will give you pleasure for a long time to come. Wow! think of all the possibilities now that you have an RV. Enjoy!

  • Ha ha! You got older! I just can’t TELL that you got older. I hate you. 😐

    Glad you like your new phone! And just think…now you can blog on the go w/the WordPress for Android app. Now you have NO excuses. 😉

  • Glad you made it back safely and that you had a good time. I loved your before and after photos. Can’t wait to hear how you like your Droid. I’ve considered getting one, but since I have an iPod Touch a Droid seems a little excessive. Oh, and I loved the socks, too!

  • Uncle Doug – I like the smart phone, but I am still figuring out basic things like making and answering calls. When there is no other option but to open the phone and answer, it’s a LOT easier! 🙂

    Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – Yes, we’ve been thinking about the possibilities, including living in it in times of economic distress. 🙂

    Robyn – Thanks! I don’t really look older…just chubbier. UGH. I downloaded the WordPress app today, and will try it out!

    Caryn – So far, the Droid is great. Thanks for the comments on the photos. I thought it was interesting to see the similarities!

  • I love your socks! They are just beautiful. And now you have the pleasure of enjoying them all over again every time you pull them on your feet. 🙂 I recently finished a sock I’d started over a year ago (!) which had been put on hold due to other demands on my time. I immediately cast on sock #2 and am making excellent progress now. I’d love to hear more about your sock knitting experiences!

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