Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Hi, bright-eyed happy readers!

I just thought you all might like to see this short video I took of a cute little sharp-shinned hawk in my parents’ side yard on Dec. 30.  He doesn’t look like he’s doing much, but rest assured – he’s watching the yard (like a hawk…heh heh heh) for little birdies for his dinner.

It was very cold that day, and he had to keep switching feet, so that he could have one up under his feathers.  Also, the snow was crazy that day.  We got about 8 inches.  UGH.

You can view it in hi-def by clicking the ‘360’ at the bottom of the video (after you click the ‘play’ button in the middle of the video), and choosing ‘480’ instead, and the icon in the lower right corner of the video with the arrows will make it full-screen.

Enjoy the hawk!

YouTube Preview Image

9 Responses to Sharp-Shinned Hawk

  • Nice video Katie! Thanks for sharing. Sharp-Shinned Hawks are sooo handsome!!!
    Peace, Love & Happiness

  • Mr. Hawk seems to be doing a dance in slow motion. His feet must definitely have been cold. Terrific video!

  • He’s beautiful!

  • I’m glad you addressed the foot-shifting business. I would have been perplexed. Seriously.

  • Katie,
    That is a great video of a “cool” hawk. Our local SS Hawk swung by this morning for a House Sparrow Brunch. It left with a full tummy.
    Stay warm,

  • That’s so cool! What a great sighting. Makes you kind of glad to have socks and shoes, doesn’t it? Well, and a house with a heater. And a fridge full of food so you don’t have to stand out in the snow hoping to catch some dinner.

  • Maggie – I think they are handsome, too. …and so little!

    Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – Cold feet = misery. I know.

    Dana – I wish I could say ‘thanks’, but he’s lovely on his own… 😀

    Jen – Me too. I did get a video where he was scratching, too. He was funny, but I pity him for the cold feet.

    Ed – Thanks. He’s frequently around there. He’s very near 2 bird feeders, and he knows what he’s doing. 🙂

    Caryn – It DOES make you grateful, doesn’t it?

  • Interesting video. Love a good movie…and…
    That’s a fine example of chilled hawkflesh. Did you at least offer the guy a cup of hot chocolate while he’s praying for prey? Or corn…:)

  • You should at least brought him into the house for some fish and chips, after all he looks cold. Oh by the way I think that was the same guy in the same spot when I was there last, I guess in spite of the cold he knows that he has a nice spot to hang out, until his or hers next meal.

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