3 Days In Winnemucca

Hi, faithful ‘blog readers.  I am almost a month late on making this post, and I completely missed making a post in the month of July.  This is the first month I have skipped posting since the beginning of Cactus Kate.  I’m so ashamed.  However, I am going to make that up to you all right now.  Here are some words and some photos about my trip with Janet to visit Julie in Winnemucca.

Janet and I rode the AmTrak to Winnemucca again.  It was much better this time – no thirteen-hour delays, no cold weather, etc.

We got on the train in Green River, UT on July 2.  The train was only an hour late, which (after our December trip) seemed totally reasonable.  We arrived in Winnemucca early on the morning of July 3, and Julie met us at the station.  We went out for breakfast at the Winnemucca Inn (I think that’s what it’s called, anyway), then back to Julie’s house for a little nap.  Trains are not easy to sleep on when you’re too cheap to pay for the sleeper car.

We went grocery shopping after that for a BBQ that Julie was having that night, and then went to clean up the pens of some ponies that she was boarding at a stable for a co-worker.  The ponies were cute, but looked like they wanted to bite me.  Julie dutifully cleaned up their pen, and we went back to her house.  We sat around and had some drinks, and Julie made an AMAZING pasta salad involving feta cheese, pepperoni, etc.  MMMM.

Her friends came over that evening (only 3 friends joined us), and we made veggie burgers and grilled veggies, and ate the delicious pasta salad. Julie’s friends seemed nice, and it was a good evening.

The following day (July 4), there was a gathering of booths and people at the local park for the Independence Day celebration.  Julie is a co-founder of a non-profit animal rescue called “Kindred Spirits Animal Rescue”, and they had a booth there to raise interest, get some volunteers, and adopt out some kittens.  At this point, they are only dealing with the Winnemucca feral cat population.  Julie also borrowed the local Coca Cola trailer, and Janet and I ran that.  Coke was very popular.  There were lots of other booths – some with food – including a taco truck with excellent tacos and burritos.  There was even a booth raffling off a quarter of a cow (for meat, of course), which I did NOT win.  Apparently, it was also election time there, as a good majority of the booths were politicians trying to win people’s votes.

We went out for dinner, and then went and sat on a lawn near the park to watch the fireworks.  They were better than Moab’s fireworks.  I did get a FEW decent photos, but by and large the photos were bad.

On Monday (July 5), we did a little geocaching, and went to Winnemucca Pizzeria for lunch.  They had great food, although I was not impressed with the competence of our server, OR the kitchen.  Our appetizer came out after we received our food (and only then after we assured our server that we DID still want it), and Janet’s lunch had ingredients which she had asked them to leave out.  However, again – the food was great, and made up for that.  While sitting there, I took some photos, including one of a lady at a nearby table with a large and prominent neck tattoo. EEK.

That afternoon, we went to see Toy Story 3 at the cinema.  It was pretty good!  We went to dinner that night at Dos Amigos (where we had eaten in December).  They have really great queso dip (which they put on LOTS of their dishes).

Julie had to work on Tuesday (July 6), so Janet and I hung around the house.  I took a decent photo of a California Quail, which Janet had spotted across the street in the neighbor’s side yard.  Julie came and picked us up for lunch, and we went to Third Street Bistro.  The food was great here, too.  I had a really large Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, and a cup of the roasted red pepper soup.  MMMMM.  Janet and I went back to Julie’s house while Julie finished her work day.

Julie came and picked us up again, and we went to the Martin Hotel, which is reknowned for its Basque food, and family-style dining. Basque food was new to me, and was delicious.  I took lots of photos there, and they are below.  When we first sat down inside, one of the servers came over, plopped down a carafe of red wine, and asked if we wanted anything to drink other than the wine.  Janet and Julie said ‘yes’, and I drank wine.  We ordered our entrees, and all sorts of food started coming out for us.  Julie had warned us about how much food there was, but I had NO IDEA.

First came bread and butter, followed by soup of the day, which was the most delicious split-pea and ham soup I have ever had (sorry, mom).  Next was salad with a really yummy garlicky vinaigrette, and some beans (which Julie said she thought were supposed to go in the salad).  They were good separately.  After the salad and beans came the ‘side dishes’ – beef tongue in a brown gravy, really amazing mashed potatoes, and green beans with bacon.  All were good.  I put aside my feelings about beef tongue, and tried it…and it was delicious.  Everything was.

There must have been some issue in the kitchen, because our entrees too a LONG time.  I had ordered lamb chops, and Janet and Julie split an order of veggie alfredo pasta.  By the time we received our food, and ate a little, you could practically hear the train whistle blowing…and it’s a good thing the Martin Hotel is right across the street from the train station!

We got our bags out of Julie’s car just as the train pulled up, and that was that.

Janet and I had a great time in Winnemucca, and Julie – thanks again for your hospitality!  It was a great visit!

8 Responses to 3 Days In Winnemucca

  • Quite an adventure for you!!
    You have the life! It is great that you are blogging about your travels.
    Take care and travel on out here to see us!!


  • You are certainly lucky to have been with good friends and in a place where Basque food is served. I have
    wanted to try Basque dishes for years and am even more keen since your ‘blog appeared. Glad you had a great time and were able to help with the kitty giveaway.

  • Tons o’ fun was had by all. Of course, the best part was me grabbing ahold of Smokey Bear and MAKING him stay put for a picture. Anyway…The fireworks pictures look great! Lots of good food and good friends. But, I must say, I really am done with trains for a long time. (:

  • Hi Katie, thanks for sharing. AWESOME fireworks photos!!! And I LOVE your photo of the California Quail. I grew up around those little cutties and I could practically hear their call when I saw your photo.
    Peace, Love & Happiness

  • Sounds like it was great trip, and I am sure it was cooler there than here in Philly.


  • What a nice trip that was. It’s always good to have a few days with good friends. Happy memmories. Your fireworks photos are nice and clear. Love,Aunt Marcy

  • Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

    Elaine – Yes, when you’re willing to go cheap, and not travel far, there is a lot you can do!

    Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – We always have a great time! Several of the kitties got adopted. I forgot to put that in this post.

    Janet – YEA!

    Maggie – You’re welcome. I’m always glad when you stop by! Thanks for enjoying! 🙂

    Uncle Rich – The trip was at the beginning of July – pretty hot then. I know Philly is blazing hot now!

    Aunt Marcy – Thanks! Yes, it is nice to see friends, and there are ALWAYS good memories! 🙂

  • Is Winnemucca in UT? One thing about the descriptions of your food and eating adverntures disturbs me…be honest now…in a blindfold taste test, do you really think that pea soup would beat your Mom’s?

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