Socks? What, AGAIN?!

I know I said last winter (HERE) that I was going to knit something other than socks next, yet here are my needles, and it seems the beginnings of another pair of socks has materialized on them.

Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_1 Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_2

The yarn color (crappy Red Heart acrylic, by the way) is called ‘Mexicana’. I am not sure what makes this any more Mexican than the next color, but that’s its name. Here is what the skein looks like:

Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_3 Socks_Mexicana_variegated_10-9-09_4

I am not sure what it is about the chillier weather and shorter days, but I always feel that I want to cook, and to knit and/or sew at this time of year. Must be the nesting instinct. Or something.

Happy Autumn!

P.S.  Yea!  LightBox Plus is fixed!  My photos are doing what they are supposed to!

7 Responses to Socks? What, AGAIN?!

  • So glad you were able to fix LightBox Plus. Not having it work must have to be very frustrating. Socks? Again? If you end up with extras, I’d love a new pair.

  • oh yes, socks. i have always loved your socks katie. on the cold nights in the abajos i was wishing i’d brought mine, that i knitted from your pattern. SO WARM. any-hoo, i found a GREAT “craft night” wednesdays at 7 pm, i will send you the info. we watch northern exposure (in the background) and have bevvies and some light snackaroos. i finished a hat when i went! have you ever thought about knitting with sock-weight yarn? i have… happy autumn 🙂

  • Those socks look like they would go with anything.They look really warm too. I hope to finish an afghan I started over 30 years ago.
    Aunt Marcy

  • Those look great – very festive! I know what you mean about always feeling more crafty when the weather turns colder. I have plans to go quilting at my parents’ house tomorrow evening. It seems like good weather in which to make a quilt.

  • Hi Katie. What a coincidence as I am crocheting myself a pair of cozy boots with laces. I love to do handwork while the TV is on. I can’t wait to see your finished socks and hopefully I will have a pair of boots to photograph and send to you.


  • Thanks for your comments, everybody!

    Sonja (AKA ‘mom’) – They are yours. They started out with that goal, anyway. 😀

    Hillary – If I can ever afford any nice wool sock yarn, I would be totally up for trying it. I get that Red Heart crap because it’s cheap. And actually, the socks made with it last a surprisingly long time.

    Aunt Marcy – Yes, they will be pretty fancy looking. They are going to my mom, so she can tell you whether they are warm. 🙂

    Caryn – How was the quilting?

    Lorraine – I can’t wait to see your new crocheted boots! I’ll bet they will be great!

  • lol I bought this color to make a hat from.. yet nothing has materialized on my loom..

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