Hawks & Socks

Yesterday, I was visiting my parents’ house for the afternoon.  While I was there, a GIANT bird came and perched on a rock in the yard.  He was a red-tailed hawk (discerned after a look through several bird books).  He was very handsome, sitting there braving the cold, feathers ruffling in the wind.  I got many good photos of him.  Here are a few:

Red_tail_hawk_1-8-09_1 Red_tail_hawk_1-8-09_2 Red_tail_hawk_1-8-09_3 Red_tail_hawk_1-8-09_4

On to the socks.  I have been knitting socks this winter.  As those of you who know me know, this is really just about ALL I ever knit.  I know how to knit other things, I just like socks.   Socks are small, not too difficult, and quick.  In other words – instant gratification!  It’s amazing how quickly they shape up.  They start out as just a short row of loops, become a small cuff, and then before you know it, there is a finished sock in your hands!

Sock_reef_stripe_1_1-6-09_1 Sock_reef_stripe_1_1-6-09_3

The first pair below was a little more time consuming, because there was color changing involved.  I sent this pair off in the mail today to my friend Laurie.  The second pair is the pair I finished today.  I loved that this yarn did its own striping with the variegation.  I made these to fit me.  I have made MANY pairs of socks, but only kept a few.  I figured it was my turn.

Sock_stripey_1_1-2-09_1_gave_to_Laurie_Foes Sock_reef_stripe_1_1-9-09_1

I may try knitting something else next…other than socks, that is.

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your day!

15 Responses to Hawks & Socks

  • A handsome reward for visiting the Rents indeed!!! Thanks for sharing your pics of the Redtail.

    Peace, Love & Happiness

  • Everyone should be proud to get a pair of your lovely hand-knitted socks. Branching out to other types of garments would also be a good thing. Yes, that hawk is really a beauty! We haven’t seen him again. Perhaps he found better pickings elsewhere.

  • Sounds like you sure are keeping busy – Some great pictures – Keep it up!!

  • Beautiful Red Tail Hawk!

  • Nice socks, you have a real talent to be able to knit.

  • Thanks for the comments, all!

    Maggie – He was beautiful. You see them all the time, soaring over the desert, but it’s not so often that you see one, perched on a rock less than 30 feet away!

    Sonja (AKA ‘mom) – Eventually, I will move on to other garments. Know anyone that would like a pair of worsted-weight knitted pants?!

    Uncle Roger – Great to hear from you! Yes, I am definitely keeping busy. Thanks for the compliments on my photos!

    Melissa – Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments! The hawk was amazing. I hope he sticks around.

    Audrey – I thought you knew how to knit? Thanks for the compliments on my socks. I like how they turned out, too!

  • wow! gorgeous pics! it’s fun to see your postings, katie. as for the knitting– very cool! i’m impressed with the socks. wish i had the patience for it ;). i should hook you up with a friend of mine — she has an obsession with yarn 😉 and tries all different kinds of knitting/crochet projects. good luck with your new one!

  • *sigh*

    why no beads on the socks? can you make Chief a sweater vest? Scrunchie leg warmers? a hat?

    LOVE the hawk pics! Redtail Hawks are So beautiful! very nice!!

  • Hi Katie, lovely photos.
    Once in a while we get sparrow hawks come down and land in the yard.
    2 years ago I heard this terrific banging noise against our breezeway window.
    I went outside to look and a hawk had caught a mourning dove against the window. The hawk, carrying the dove, flew into the yard next door and proceeded to kill and eat the poor bird leaving only the feathers behind… the harshness of nature….
    How about branching into scarves with your knitting, I use them all winter…hint, hint…
    Hi Sonnie…
    Love Lesley

  • I love your socks! (I know exactly what you mean about socks being pure fun to knit. That’s mostly what I knit, too!) Very nice work — I hope you’re enjoying keeping your toes warm!


  • Wow! Your hawk pictures are absolutely fantastic. Incredible. As for the socks, someday I will get back into knitting, because you make it look so fun, and knitting socks is so practical.

  • If there were a sassy smiley face icon here, I’d be giving it to you right now.

    I LOVE the socks. I’m a blanket knitter myself, want to branch out into socks and hats, now that I live somewhere those things are of use… I’ll be pestering you for sock patterns, watch out!

  • Katie,
    Your pictures of the hawk are great, what magnificent birds. You’re doing much better than I am at knitting or crochetting, because I’ve been working on the same afghan for at least 30 years-no joke. I’m almost done though and am determined to finish it soon. Aunt Marcy

  • Dear Katie;
    I got the socks , thank you very much! They are really warm, fit perfect, and they’re just the right slipperyness to slide around for fun on my hardwood floors. ha ha


  • Yo Katie. This has been one of my favorite posts of yours, ’cause hawks and socks are on my list of faves too! Sweet pics. Driving through Kansas this winter, I saw a boatload of hawks along I-70 fenceposts. Big & beautiful. I also really dig the stripes. Hope to be invited to your upcoming sock-knitting get-together.. (hint hint?)

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