Hi, all.

I am pleased to announce that I still have 3 living Lithops plants! One of them is a year and a half old. That is a record for me. I am highly impressed with its will to live! Here they are…3 living Lithops, and a dead one, for good measure:

The first is Lithops bromfieldii v. bromfieldii (had it since March of last year)


Then, we have Lithops karasmontana (with no subspecies name), which I have had since September, 2006. It’s a little funny-looking, as it got very elongated last summer, due to low light. The strange thing about this one, is that the first photo (taken 1/14/08) shows the plant doing its normal splitting activity for this time of the year. However, the second photo shows that the new emerging leaves are now splitting a second time. I am not sure what’s going on, but I am so happy to have it still alive, that I can excuse any weird activity.

Lithops_NOID_1_1-14-08_new_leaves2 Lithops_NOID_1_1-25-08_splits_again2

Third, there is Lithops fulviceps ‘aurea’, which I have had since March of 2007. It seems healthy, if a little dehydrated, but is showing no signs of splitting.


Last but not least, this is Lithops bromfieldii (with no subspecies name). I am pretty sure it has succumbed to my poor and ignorant Lithops care, and shuffled off this mortal coil.


Ian, I would love for you to comment on these! Anyone else who stops by, too, of course. I always welcome comments.

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  • Lithops! That last one might be dead 🙁 They can linger for a long time, but if they don’t respond to water its not a good sign. I’ve seen L. karasmontana do the twice in one year thing, doesn’t seem to do them any harm. I’ve also seen them get big and bloated in autumn when there isn’t enough light, especially when I water them late hoping for flowers. L. karasmontana is one of the last species to flower for me. Not enough light in Utah? Many of mine are showing no sign of new leaves yet, it can be April or even May before some of them really get moving.

    Next step, flowers 😉

  • Yes, Ian…flowers are the goal for 2008. 😀

    I am fairly sure that the second L. bromfieldii is dead, too…I just can’t bring myself to part with it yet. It was my favorite. 🙁

  • Katie,
    I just ran across this googling Lithop bromfieldii. I like it. How did you figure out how to use that progam to create the site?
    I just came home (106F) from running around town spending money. Stopped by Gene Joeseh’s Plants of the Southwest for his big pumice and ended up with a Lithop bromfieldii, Dykia marnier-lapostollei and a Hawothia truncata. Boy does Gene grow his plants hard. Real hard!!!
    Didn’t realize you were due for a change of senery. We could always use a great person like you in TCSS you know.
    Nice site,
    Ed Bartlett aka ArizonaEd

  • I found your website on google

    i have some expierence with lithops excuse me for my englisch am from the netherlands and i only speak just a little englisch

    with lithops there are just a couple of things you need to now to give them a good care en get healty plant who flower every year.

    make sure you now there cycle and stages the make. give them a good soil, wel drainage. I use just normal cactus soil with 1/4 yellow sand. nothing more. I give have them on the south side of the house for a window. and give them only water when i see some little rimps ons the plant.

    if you just follow these thing you give already the right care.

    if you like to learn en expierence more with lithops?. than contact me and i can send you some seeds to try it out

    good luck with you plants


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